FVMBA Toonie Race #4 – September 11th

If you’re familiar with any of the other XC races on Red, this will be the same but different. Start Line will be the same as always. At open pit area up the road from the Gun Range. From the start, its a mid ring climb up the double track road (keeping to the left) up to Valley View.

You pass Red Rider on your left (which has been used in previous races) and carry on 200m to Valley View on the right. Once on Valley View, you’ll climb some sweet singletrack, up through a clear cut and onto a forestry service road.


Loop back around to the front side of Red. You’ll turn right at two “Y” intersections in the road and head up into Crazy 8’s on your left. This trail will separate the wheat from the chaff. Crazy 8’s is a tight, technical, old school trail that will get the better of you if you’re not on your game.

After negotiating the steep exit of Crazy 8’s, turn left on the service road and traverse back to the “Y” intersection where you head up to Better Red passing the entrance to Crazy 8’s.

Better Red is a high speed rip the will take you out onto the service road that was used in the opening climb from the start. Take a left and head down to Black Tie.

Black Tie will blend into lower Momentum. Exit left from Momentum onto the service road and make your way back to the Starting area.

This is where this Toonie race will differ from other Red races. Just before the Start line area, turn right onto the single track and head through some lush forest back towards the Pond. The Finish line will be at the Powerline opening on the riser just before heading down to the Pond.


Registration – 7am to 9:30am
Start – 10am sharp!!
Awards and BBQ immediately following at the Pond.
You must have a Cycling BC license as well be a FVMBA member to race. Cycling BC licenses will not be sold on site, but you can purchase FVMBA membership day of.

Complete map of Red Mountain trails – http://www.fvmba.com/trail-conditions/red/

Visit FVMBA for more info. http://www.fvmba.com/

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