Gear Swap lowdown – Darths Days

Every year since its inception the Muddbunnies Riding Club has collectively gathered to show their awsomeness at volunteering. There is a Bunnie shirt at nearly every event on the North Shore and one of my favorites’ is the Gear Swap.

Bunnies come out to set up tables, hustle gear, and they have a darned good time doing it! To compliment our treasury, this year our industrious board put together a bake sale along with the BBQ supporting the NSMBA.

A calendar of Bunnies showed up with baked goods proving that these calendar girls could whip out their biscuits out with the best of Betty Crocker’s cook book.  More bunnies showed up to man the table and soon we were as saturated with conversation and giggles as the air was with drizzle. Luckily we had Dee at the BBQ keeping us warm with tales from trails and long girly laughs.

The array of baking was amazing, truffles, muffins, lemon bars, shortbreads, petites and brownies. Will power was broken. Easily. People balanced gear and leaned bikes against hips trying to dig change out of their shorts to get at the goodies. At a buck a piece nobody could resist.

I know people who beg for the stuff under Mrs Sheldon’s lacy bits.

Peek a boo, I eat you! (you may notice a missing truffle in the foreground.)

We rocked out with our biscuits out!

A crowd was gathered long before the swap even opened, volunteers milled about looking for great deals and many people walked away stoked.

If you haven’t had the chance to help out with a club function, I highly recommend it. The bunnies are fun and casual and thankful for anything that you can do. The club does fundraising so we can have cool things like tents that keep us dry during functions.

I marvel at how great that hoodie looks.

I’m not sure of the final stats but I believe our hard work (giggle fest) netted us around $200.00! Not bad for a day of laughing, camaraderie and social misbehavior. They also threw in a decent BBQ burger just for coming out. ( Bunnie made Burgers!)

Laura, Marilee, Dee and Aimee have a few laughs in the BBQ zone.


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