Gearjammer Recap

The Test of Metal Inc. Group of events presented the GEARJAMMER race today in Squamish BC. This cross country mountain bike race boasts an epic 45 kilometer point-to-point course. Being the third race in the Hell of a Series, the Gearjammer is like the Test of Metal in that it is epic and amazing but unlike the Test it is almost all Singletrack trails. And not just any singletrack but some of the sweetest Squamish has to offer (which is pretty awesome).



Muddbunnies Race Team member Kimberley Beck, entered this race after her recent accomplishments in the BC Bike Race.

Shortly after 10am, Kim took the shuttle from the Squamish Adventure center (finish of the race) to the start line at Alice Lake.  In the meantime, Muddbunnies set up their Race Support Tent! (a place to keep the Red Racer Beer cold!)

Several other tents (sponsors of the event) were setting up around the finish line including Q Energy, who set up right next to the Muddbunnies.  Jason of Q Energy immediately brought over samples of their Healthy Energy Drink, and it was definitely delicious!

 “We developed Q Energy Drink to provide a healthy boost for everyone. Whether you’re an elite level athlete or just trying to make it through the daily Olympics of your life, Q will help you reach your goals. You can feel good about taking Q because it isn’t full of sugar nor is it loaded with caffeine. Q Energy Drink is formulated with quercetin and a proprietary blend of herbal extracts, vitamins and electrolytes to deliver energy, health and performance.”

For more information about Q, visit their Website.

The first woman to cross the finish line was Sandra Walter riding for Xprezo.

Shortly after, Muddbunnies’ Kim Beck finishes with a time of 3h44m, achieving 2nd place in her category!  The beauty of being a part of the Muddbunnies Team is the beer provided by our sponsor Red Racer – waiting at the finish line!

Muddbunnies Riding Club Member, Emily Sportsman, was also participating in this race and finished 3rd in her category with a time of 3h38.

Congrats to all of the participants of the Gearjammer this year!!!  and a HUGE thanks to the volunteers!  without you, events like this couldn’t happen!

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