Gettin’ Inked, Muddbunnies Style

After my first tattoo mishap, I never thought I’d get another one.  Who knew the then stylish tattoo on the lower back would later be dubed, “a tramp stamp” and who knew the girl causing the worst pain of my life, (childbirth aside) would be such a flake and an insensitive brat, (even with my squirming and tears)! It’s no surprise then, after such a horrid experience I vowed to never again put myself through such torture!

Well fast-forward 5 years later when enough time has lapsed that I’m once again thinking of inking, but this time I’m taking my time and doing my research on who, what, where, when and how. 


In comes Cohen, who just happens to be a tattoo artist and hubby of fellow bunny, Siobhan. She and I get to talking and I tell her about my terrible experience of my first tattoo but how I’m willing to get back on the horse and get another. 

Truth be told, it took another two years for me to finally bite the bullet and get under the tattoo ink gun again. And in that time I’d say I really earned permanently stamping that logo on my body.


Ever since I created the Muddbunnies logo, (that famous pink, bunny skull and crossbones) I’ve wanted to put it on my body, somewhere. Why? Many people use a tattoo to capture a moment, a memory of something so significant and life-changing that we want a constant reminder. Well the Muddbunnies has been that for me, my greatest struggle and my proudest success. So it was time to get that perminent and constant reminder.  

I shared my idea with a good friend of mine, Vicki who took up mountain biking in her 50s. Guess who hopped on the bunny ink train? It didn’t take much convincing and Vicki was on board with my crazy plan.

          Vicki's Outline                   

So we made the appointment, set the date and prepared ourselves for some permanent markings.

I’m so happy to say that my second tattoo was a wonderful experience and Cohen was incredible. He was professional, sensitive, and made the time in his chair so positive that I’m ready to go back and do it again. I’d recommend him to anyone and am so thankful for such a positive experience.

If you’re looking for someone to make your first tattoo experience or your next tattoo experience a positive one then Cohen is your man and you can contact him here: And if you’re a Muddbunnies Riding Club member than count on a discount as Cohen Floch is a proud supporter of the Muddbunnies.


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