The weather the past couple weeks has been cold no doubt, but it’s been sunny and it means a lot of us are putting the snowboard down for the weekend and picking up the bike instead. So for those who are thinking of climbing back into the saddle after a winter hiatus, here’s some product suggestions from Dirtworld on easing post-ride, muscle pain, (a symptom some us ahem…30+ riders know too well). – Ryan


Getting Back in the Saddle

When you’re in the middle of a great ride, you’re having too much fun to think about muscle pain. That’s one of the best things about mountain biking: even when it hurts, the fun factor outweighs everything else. And memories of landing a huge jump or tearing up some single-track last a lot longer than memories of burning lungs and shaky quads.

But the morning after? Well, that can be a bumpy ride. And all too often, feeling stiff and sore can keep you off the trails.

So in the spirit of getting back in the saddle, here’s a rundown of a few painkillers and recovery aids. Of course, staying hydrated — and stretching out after a ride — are key factors in fighting muscle soreness. But when you’re going hard, sometimes you need a little extra help.

IB-RELIEF is a cream designed to act like instant ibuprofen. It’s odorless and complements the ibuprofen tablets so many athletes swear by. (

SPORT LEGS is an all-natural supplement filled with Vitamin D, magnesium and calcium. (

TP MASSAGE BALLS are designed to help rub out muscle knots. Like all massage treatments, it speeds muscle recovery by increasing blood flow. For even better results, we suggest a rubdown by an attractive biking companion. (

BODYGLIDE WARM FX MUSCLE FORMULA is a roll-on balm that uses menthol and methyl salicylate to give you that tingly sort of numbness. It’s portable enough to bring along on just about any expedition. (

CHERRY PHARM is a drink that uses the power of cherries — did you know that cherries had powers? — to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery. Guess it beats spitting out 50 or 60 cherry pits. (


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