The Aussie Diaries: March 10th, 39 rides

It’s March, why is there so much snow on the Ground? There are two bikes that really need some test riding after all the building/rebuilding and one Aussie that’s going a little stir crazy with all the down time!  Time to start exploring locations away from the Shore, (and hopefully away from the snow)!

Ride Log: Day 35 (FVMBA Toonie Race # 1 Mission)

So one could argue that I should potentially write up this under my “race team blog”, but I didn’t.  It should be noted though that it was the first event this year that the Muddbunnies Race Team was present at, (and what a fun event it was).  10am seems like a late start until you have to factor in the driving; I left North Vancouver at 8:00 to give me time to swing by Port Moody and pick up a friend and then head out to the event. 

Race registration was a breeze and it was nice to finally put some faces to some board names from the nsmb forum. The race itself was a hoot!  I came to the wise conclusion that considering I had spent the day before snowshoeing for 5+ hours up and down Mt Seymour, I didn’t have a hope in hell of even competing. So I opted for the casual cruise near the back and welcomed the opportunity to check out some sweet new trails.  And sweet they were, who knew there was so much smooth flowing singletrack hidden in Mission!  I certainly didn’t!  To top it off the race finished with which can only be described as the “hang the hell on WOOOHOOO of a downhill section”!

I can honestly say the highlights of the day were getting to catch up with some people I hadn’t seen in a long time along with getting to meet new people and of course explore new trails!

Damn those jerseys look good, or those Bunnies make those jerseys look good!

Di still all smiles after crossing the finish line.

Muddbunnies & The B-Team, Gangsta stylin yo!

Post ride BBQ...

Sponsor photo

Don't forget the beer sponsor photo!


Ride Log: Day 38

Tonight I rode SFU with Siobhan, one of the brave Bunnies that has chosen to come and join me on occasion for my night time adventures, (as long as there wasn’t snow involved).  I spent part of the drive to SFU trying to convince her that snow riding is actually fun, but I still don’t think she believes me!

We arrived at SFU in time to enjoy the first part of our ride in daylight!  We did some laps around the lower trails to warm our legs up and then headed up to, “Lower Snake” to enjoy a little bit of downhill! Finishing on the North Road trail we had a short pedal back up the hill to the car.  On a side note, I should probably have taken more photos while there was still daylight, (for whatever reason my camera really wanted to be difficult tonight)!

Siobhan heads for the final trail to complete our evening rip.

Check out the colour of that sky!



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