Bernese Mountain Dog – 18 months Old
-Lost at 2:15 Mar 24/11 on Baden Powell Near the Entrance to the Dream Weaver Trail.
-Hurely has been hiking all this week the Baden Powell from Dempsey to Prospect and the Power
Line trail from Prospect to St. Maryʼs
-If you have any information or think you have seen him please call (604) 862-2056
-He has tags with his name on it and a home phone number.
-Hurley was last seen hiking on the Baden Powell between Prospect Road and the upper Braemar Lynn Valley area. We had various sightings putting him on Fromme mountain in and around the St. Mary’s area. His owners live on Kilmarnock Cres in Lynn Valley.
-He has been hiked on the Baden Powell between Prospect and Dempsey all week and also on the Power Line trail between Dempsey and St. Mary’s.
-He is a good dog with a play full demeanour. He has a deep bark and loves to use it. He will probably be hesitant to come to people. He is very food motivated.

Reward of $1,000


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