Help Fund Documentary: “If She Can Do It, I Can Do It”

Documentary Description:

If She Can Do it, I Can Do It will be produced in the tone of Women Of Dirt with a cinematic, playful and artsy style. In the three years since the DVD Women Of Dirt came out the participation of women in freeriding has grown exponentially and the quality of riding continues to progress. Events like the Sugar Showdown, and sister events like Dixie Trix and Queen Of The Mountain, push women to new heights. By placing the story of If She Can Do It, I Can Do It in this competitive yet supportive environment we are able to shoot a made for the web documentary that women and men around the world will watch over and over again. Think Dust To Glory meets Roam with a touch of Rad!

Definition Of A Freeriding Event: It’s all about the jumps, drops and air time. Think slopestyle.

Why We Need Your Support:

Your support of this Kickstarter campaign goes to paying for crew, equipment and music. Without these funds we would simply do a one camera shoot, more of a yearbook moment. Our goal is bigger than this and so we ask you for your pledges and support. If you are unaware of how Kickstarter works here’s the skinny: if we hit or go over our pledge amount we get all the funds pledged. If we don’t, we don’t see any of the funds.

How To Support:

Click HERE!

Project Details:

Sugar Showdown Event Dates: July 7th and 8th 2012

Sugar Showdown Link: Here

Production Start Date: July 5th 2012

Production Will Finished Date: July 18th 2012

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