How to get Better when Riding Alone

Muddbunnies Race Team Member, Lalena Desautels, gives advice to the question:

how do I get better when riding alone?


“Use bike sites to your advantage. Network through the internet or your bike shop.

ALWAYS have fun; you’ll get better and not even know it.

Ride trails that are in your sweet spot; a LITTLE more challenging than your comfort zone, yet attainable.

Don’t get discouraged… always make it FUN!

Steal someone’s dog… no seriously… riding with a dog is a blast! It makes lonely rides totally laughable and gives you someone to talk to (seriously, I’m not crazy… I don’t think).

Fall. Yes… crash your bike… crash small… get comfortable with it. 95% of time, you’re going to be all right and the more you fall the more comfortable you become with your bike and the less timid you will be because you’ll realize that it’s ok to fall as long as you’re staying within your sweet spot. AND! When you DO fall… get back up and ride that section, the one that tossed you, again (as long as you don’t think you were outside your sweet spot) before continuing on.

This may sound random… but pretend you’re a deer running through the woods. Imagine how a deer would effortlessly dance through the trees maintaining a light lofty feeling. (This is also fun) hahaha!

Ok and LAUGH.. A LOT!

That’s my advice Smile

Riding bikes is the best! It will liberate you from the yoke that is often slung around us, who have to participate in the adult world from time to time. Wink

Rainy Fromme With the Dog on Pinkbike

The Muddbunnies encourage and welcome female riders of all experience and skill levels to join them in getting down and dirty. Come on, ride like a girl!


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