Sandra: I am a bmx rider from Reading, Pennsylvania and I have been riding for 4 years.

Sandra and her bike!

Age: 16

Height: 5’ 7’’

Weight: 120lbs

Country: USA

Hometown: Reading, Pennsylvania  What are your tricks?

Sandra: My trick list includes: icepick no footed barspin, Superman, no footed can-can, turndown, xup, 360, tobaggon, double can, whack nac, and many more.  Wow, that’s a lot of tricks!  Do you have any favorites?

Sandra: My fav tricks are: Superman, and icepick stalls.  I like Superman’s because I love the feeling of flying for a second!  I love icepick stalls because I love doing tech, and I have lots of variations.  Do you have any role models?

Sandra: The riders that I look up are; Mark Webb, Alex Coleborn, and my dad!  I look up to my dad because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”

Sandra and her Dad!  Are you competitive?  Where have you competed?

Sandra: I’ve been to 2 contests at Stonecliffe Recreation Park in Reading, Pennsylvania. My first contest involved me and my 2 sisters. My one sister placed first in the “beginner” category. My oldest sister and I went into the “Intermediate” category, and we were against a guy named “Blueberry.” Blueberry took first, I took second, and my sister took third. This year at my second contest I was the only one that entered because my sisters quit. I went against Blueberry again and I beat him, but I took second again. I also won third place in “Best trick” with my icepick no footed barspin!

Sandra Holley Eastern Ethics from Sandra Holley on Vimeo. Sounds like you really enjoy riding.  What are your reasons for being involved in the sport?

Sandra: The reason why I bmx is because of the adrenaline rush! I’ve always been a crazy, energetic type of chick. I’ve been free jumping, rock climbing, climbing 100 feet into trees, unicycle riding, and riding dirtbikes.  Bmx to me is just the best adrenaline rush that anyone can get. Another reason why I bmx is just to prove that girls can do it too! You just have to really want it, be dedicated, and be willing to practice every day!  What’s your day to day life when you aren’t on your bike?

Sandra: When I’m not on my bike I enjoy: roller skating, bowling, shooting guns, volleyball and other sports, but always hear my bike calling me!! Thanks Sandra!!  Keep up the good work, and representing women in the industry.


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