Interview with Thea Reynolds

I was car shopping a couple weeks ago and ran into Thea Reynolds and asked if she would do an Interview with Muddbunnies!  No car was purchased, however I felt it a successful trip nonetheless!  Thanks Thea for taking the time to answer our questions!


So tell us about yourself. Where you are from? What is your “day job”?

I’m 23 years old, originally from Port Alberni, I escaped and hopped on the ferry over to the mainland where I have remained the past 4 years.


One of my first jobs here with Kokanee happened to be during Crankworx. This was the first time I had been exposed to dirty, muddy, mountain bikers with bad ass looking bikes and gear. I thought it looked awesome and wanted to try it! It was also during that time I convinced Pinkbike to take me to Sea Otter in California, things took off from there. Shimano, Vittoria, Kona bikes….so you may have seen me at one of the many events and trade shows. I am now going to school for Marketing Management, I think I’ll be venturing back to bikes very soon though!


When did you start riding?

Two and a half years ago I took my first ride in Whistler and I got hooked from there on, now I’ve ridden all over British Columbia and the U.S.



Where do you ride?

I live in Coquitlam so Eagle Mt. is a few pedal strokes behind my house. Burke Mt is a 5 minute drive, and I’m always game for riding in Squamish or Whistler!


What is your favorite trail?

Blue Velvet


What is your riding style?

Pure fun, if I’m not having fun I’m doing it wrong!


Current Bike(s)?

Kona Shonky- Dirt Jumper

Kona Minxy- Dh

Kona Cadabra- XC

Cannondale Cadd 10- Road


When did you start racing and what are your plans for racing this season?

I started racing Dh in 2011 at the Sea Otter Classic. Have also raced 4x in Abbottsford with the ladies. This season I want to take part in Bear Mountain Dh, BC Cup, Sea Otter!




Describe your best biking day?

I remember every place I was when I learned something new! Duthie hill, Blackrock, Ray’s Mtb park, Tucson, and that random street in Reno! That rush of excitement when you finally get the move you’ve been trying to accomplish, then looking around to see if anyone saw you like a little kid would! Every one of those days is the best day, until the next time!


What has biking taught you?

How to turn my brain off! I’m a thinker, I think all the time, and it’s hard to stop! When I’m biking, there’s only one thing I’m thinking about which is BIKING. It’s the greatest thing in the world!

Oh and that if you ask a race team mechanic with cut off sleeves to fix your bike, he may ask you to marry him. (I said yes!)



Biggest hurdle overcome when riding?

Being able to keep my confidence where it was the last time I rode. I tend to second guess myself on features or trails I’ve ridden many time before.



What are your personal riding goals?

I want to spend more time on my dirt jumper; I find every skill I learn on that bike I can take directly to my Dh and Xc bike.


Fav place to ride and why?

Duthie Hill just outside of Seattle. You can do jump lines, features, drops, pump track, fast and flowy, or technical all in one place!


Fav female to ride with?

Bonnie Miller! She’s the sh*t!


Fav male to ride with?

Demo Dave from Kona. He taught me how to suck less and things took off from there on!


Headphones or no headphones when you ride?

No headphones, too many pieces to pick up if you bail, not that I ever have…..



Other sports and activities?

Snowboarding to get through the winter. When Whistler bike park opens you can hit the bike park in the am and snowboard in the afternoon, best combination!!



IPhone, Blackberry, or Android?



Cats or Dogs?

Cats, dogs, sheep, chickens, horses. I grew up on a farm!


Clipped in or Flats?

Being clipped is great for road training, but on the trail it still scares me.


Shuttle or Climb?

I don’t know if anyone ‘likes’ climbing but I would rather climb to get the most for fitness out of my ride.


What is your favourite music?

Country. Cowboy boots, hay fields, trucks; it’s exactly how I grew up.


Other sports you play, participate in?

I’m super uncoordinated, don’t ask me how I can ride a bike but it works and I love it. Team sports are for people who can’t have fun or get the job done on their own ahah.



The Muddbunnies encourage and welcome female riders of all experience and skill levels to join them in getting down and dirty. Come on, ride like a girl!

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