Interviewing Catherine “Hadley” Vipond

Although, in North America we refer to her with the name Vipond, it seems the UK alias Hadley has shone through in a recent interview with Interested is reading about what it is like to being a rising star on the World Cup XC circuit? Check out this interview with Norco Factory Team rider Catherine Vipond.

Canada – home to amazing singletrack, cutting edge bike brands and a long history of world class riders. caught up with Norco Factory Team rider Catherine Hadley to find out more about her busy 2010 season and what the racing scene is like across the pond.

Hi Catherine, set the scene and tell us a little background of what you’ve done previously and how this influenced what you did this year?

I have been racing mountain bikes for close to ten years now. I started with local racing, then the Ontario Provincial Race Series, then the Canada Cup Series. For the last couple years the North American World Cups as well. This year I decided to head over to England and Belgium for the first two European World Cups, mostly for the experience of racing the higher calibre races. Racing the World Cup Series is definitely a goal so getting out and being able to do that was great.

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