Introducing Crystal Lambert would like to introduce, Crystal Lambert, the Product Director and co-owner of Muddbunnies Riding Inc.

Crystal (aka Slambert)


MUDDBUNNIES: Crystal, tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What is your “day job”?
CRYSTAL: Well I was born and raised in a small town in central Ontario.  My education is in wildlife biology/GIS but my “day job” now is owning and operating a small non-ferrous metal foundry in Surrey, BC.  Previously I moved quite a bit for work, Calgary, Kelowna, Whitehorse but I have been in the Lower Mainland (and at the metal foundry) for the last seven years and love it.  You can’t beat the quality of life here.


Keeha Bay near Bamfield













MUDDBUNNIES: How long have you been involved with Muddbunnies? What have been your roles with the club and company thus far?
CRYSTAL: A gal I worked with in Whitehorse told me about this cool group of mountain bike chicks in Vancouver and that if I was ever in the area I should check it out.  After a season on the trails I was confident enough to join this radtastic group of ladies called the Muddbunnies.  So in 2007 I went on my first Muddbunnie ride on Fromme.  A few years later I’m still hooked and now look back on my initial intimidation and complete terror fondly.

2008 Muddbunnies Wednesday Ride













Through the years I have generally been involved with the Muddbunnies for the calendars and group rides.  Part of my “day job” is to sit on the board of directors for the American Foundry Society.  This is now my final year with that Board and I am excited to have more time to put towards my other interests, such as the Bunnies! The Muddbunnies are an inspiring organization, and am so proud to be a part of it and help in its success.

2008 Muddbunnie Calendar



















MUDDBUNNIES: Why did you decide to sign on as a partner and one of the three Directors for the company?
CRYSTAL: Because I was asked!  The timing in my life was perfect and I am always eager to take on a challenge I believe in.  I’ve always been a Bunnie supporter and I believe this organization has a lot of value beyond the monetary.  My admiration for Diana’s work ethic and Ryan’s dream made my decision to come on board with these two incredible ladies a no brainer.

MUDDBUNNIES: When did you start riding?
CRYSTAL: I decided in 2006 that I wanted to learn how to mountain bike. So I signed up for a beginners clinic and had my eyes opened to the world of mountain biking.  Having never even met anyone that road a mountain bike I really had no idea what I had gotten myself into.

My first teeter… it felt so big!












After getting my crappy old hard-tail stolen (I suppose this is what you would call a blessing in disguise) I upgraded to a full on dual suspension proper mountain bike!  Riding with the Bunnies was such a great place to learn skills and have a great time.

A bunnie on a Bunnie ride












Muddbunnies skills clinic in 2009






MUDDBUNNIES: What are you current bike(s)?

CRYSTAL: I have no brand loyalty: Specialized Demo 7, Santa Cruz Blur, Specialized P2, a borrowed Specialized Tarmac road bike and a crappy old cruiser that is fun for Stanley Park.

Me and my P2 cruisin’ at the Abbotsford Indoor BMX track











MUDDBUNNIES: Where do you ride?
CRYSTAL: Anywhere I get the chance!.  Moving to Langley from the Shore last year definitely changed my riding.  Not in a bad way though.  I now live in the middle of dozens of amazing riding areas including skills and dirt jump parks.  Lately my focus has been on the human powered rides so anything that involves a nice long pedal catches my eye. However that will change once Whistler is open, it sometimes feels like my second home in the summer months.

Whistler 2010









And of course destination riding!  I was introduced to Christina Lake last year and it was amazing!

Christina Lake, Labour Day 2010









MUDDBUNNIES: When did you start racing and what are you plans for racing this season?
CRYSTAL: Ha, racing.  I’m more of a race participator.  Last year a friend and I decided that doing the Test of Metal would be something fun we could challenge ourselves with.  I didn’t even own a xc bike or had ever ridden xc, I was a shuttle Bunnie!  Unfortunately my partner in crime hurt herself that February (on my birthday ride no less… oh man) and wouldn’t be able to do it.  A few weeks later in March I ended up hurting myself quite bad and was out of commission for a couple months which took a big toll on any preparation I could do for the race (and I needed a lot of preparation) not to mention my confidence.  But by the end of the training and the race I was hooked on pedaling.

2010 North Shore XC Race












2010 Test of Metal











This year I’m so excited to try my hand at the Hell of a Series set of races with Team Muddbunnies!  I’m staying healthy (no injuries!) and working really hard this year hoping to see some improvement over last year.  I have only been participating in races for under a year but I am getting more comfortable with it and starting to even enjoy it.



2010 Test of Metal – getting a hand at the last food area











MUDDBUNNIES: What is your role within the company?
CRYSTAL: I am currently the Product Director responsible for all product related matters.  My focus is on overseeing the conception, development, production, and management of Muddbunnies products including apparel.  The first project that I am excited about tackling is to update the Muddbunnies online shopping presence on the website.

MUDDBUNNIES: What is your favourite trail?
CRYSTAL: Ahh the favorite trail question.  How can you choose?  I don’t even have a favorite riding area!

MUDDBUNNIES: Iphone, Blackberry or Android?
CRYSTAL: Blackberry for no particular reason

MUDDBUNNIES: Shuttle or Climb?
CRYSTAL: Climb is my preferred method right now

MUDDBUNNIES: What are your personal riding goals?
CRYSTAL: Finishing all of the Hell of a Series with a smile!

CRYSTAL: I think most people would say that I have some pretty bad taste in music.  Right now I’m loving the Annie Lennox again but just went through a lengthy Ludacris phase and songs from the Little Mermaid show up on a weekly basis in my truck.

MUDDBUNNIES: Other sports you play, participate in?
CRYSTAL: I participate in pretty standard sports.  Ski and scuba.  But everything took the back seat once I started riding.






The classic “I’m scuba diving” pic














And there you have it!








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  1. Crystal, I didn’t know you were a big Whistler fan too??!! Look forward to seeing you in the park and ripping up some trails with you (although, judging by the amount of snow there right now, we may need to invest in some snowscoots! lol)

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