Introducing Indoor Cycling YRide Classes to Northshore!

On September 5th, Northshore Elements will open a third room for indoor cycling YRide classes!

Members can now train all year-round with access to 34 YRide classes every week on Realryder bikes that work both your cardio and your core; memberships include unlimited classes across all 8 YYoga locations.

Click here to view Northshore’s YRide schedule

Click here to view Northshore’s full Fall schedule, effective September 10th

Realryder bikes create a side-to-side motion that activates core muscles for a well-rounded, full-body, high-calorie workout. The steel frame allows it to steer, turn and feel like a road bike! Enjoy comfortable seating with duel-density premium saddle and anatomic cutout, providing a softer inner core for stability and cushioning.

Realryder’s have the heaviest flywheel on the market at 66.1lbs for the most realistic simulation of speed and momentum. A sweat-resistant handlebar provides comfort, durability and the widest range of hand positions available for reduced fatique and stress on the hands and wrists.

The exclusive corebalance technology of Realryder bikes allow the rider to move fluidly in three dimensions. This three-dimensional movement requires the activation of more muscle groups, including the upper body and the core. In addition to providing the mentioned full-body, high-calorie workout, this dynamic range of motion also helps improve the rider’s balance.

Learn more about our Northshore Elements location and download a current schedule here.

Pack your running shoes and join us for an energizing YRide class starting September 5th!

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