Introducing Michelle, Langley Road Ride Leader for Muddbunnies Riding Club

Where are you from: Pinawa, Manitoba

What is your day-job:


When did you start riding: One February afternoon in the snow when I was a wee one

What is your riding Style:
I dabble in a little bit of everything…road, XC, downhill


Current Bike(s): Specialized Ruby, Specialized Saphire, still picking out a DH bike for
the year


Racing Highlights: Finishing Ironman Canada


Favorite race course: Ironman Canada bike course


Describe your best biking day: Any day is a good day riding, but some sunshine and
great friends makes it even better!

What has biking taught you?: Perseverance…never give up and always be willing to
take on a new challenge

Biggest hurdle overcome when riding?: Regaining confidence after crashing.



Fav place to ride and why?: Silverstar…lots of fantastic trails and even better memories

Fav people to ride with?: Anyone who is up for a biking adventure with a smileJ

Headphones or no headphones when you ride?: no headphones, I like the peaceful
sounds of riding.

Other sports and activities?: snowboarding, running, swimming.

  None, I’m old school

iPhone, Blackberry, or Android?:

Cats or Dogs: Love them both, but have 2 cats

Clipped in or Flats: flats for mountain biking, definitely clipped in on the road

Shuttle or Climb: either, but much more climbing these days



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