Introducing Trelock Lights – LS 950 ION

Who is Trelock?


The brand TRELOCK is one of the oldest German bicycle accessory brands and also one of the best known; one in four cyclists in Germany know the brand (GfK study, May 2011). TRELOCK stands for quality, design and innovation and was awarded the TOP 100 seal in 2011.

A good brand needs a marketing-oriented company management. Our customers are the focus of all our actions. The TRELOCK team is committed to the tradition of the brand and also takes innovation very seriously – today and tomorrow – in the best interests of the cyclists in many countries across the world. We thank our customers, suppliers and employees for the trust they have placed in us for the past 150 years and look forward to the further growth of this international brand.

Now let’s talk lights!

LS 950 ION






















This innovative lithium-ion rechargeable battery head light shines with up to 70 Lux, lighting up the road ahead brightly and perfectly – it
can also be regulated in 5 levels from 10 to 70 lux. The light intensity, the battery capacity and the lighting duration are shown in hours and
minutes on the integrated LCD display.

Could this light be used for night riding on the mountain? HECK YA!

* Field of vision: 90 m
* Visibility: 1500 m
* iBeam-tec®
* TRELOCK light guid
* Display for 5-level control of light and time
* Tool-free battery exchange
* integrated USB charger jack
* integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery
* Display
1. Illumination intensity: 10-70 Lux
2. Illumination time: 6 – 45 h
3. Capacity of the rechargeable batteries
* Luminous period: 6 – 45 h
* Start-up protection: 1 sec.
* Single snap closure
* inclusive USB cable
* inclusive Variotex® bracket ZL 700, ø 22 – 32 mm
* Aluminium surface
* TRELOCK innovation for very easy handling
* Colours: black

* MSRP $199.95


TRELOCK is currently ONLY available at Cap’s Bicycle Shop – the Original, located in the historic neightbourhood of Sapperton, New Westminster.















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