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In an effort to explore more trails and improve my riding, I decided to race competitively this summer. Being sponsored by Muddbunnies Inc. was the extra incentive I needed. So after a few warm-up races (Sumas Super-D, West Coast Super-D), it was time to tackle the real thing and race in my first BC Cup DH race.

The first BC Cup race of the year was held in Kamloops at the Bike Ranch. Looking at the weather forecast, my husband and I decided it was too cold to camp. Instead of paying for a hotel room or sleeping on the floor at a friend’s house, we decided to do something a little different: rent an RV! Having never driven in or slept in an RV, I was pretty stoked on this idea. So, we put an ad on Craigslist and just like that, we had ourselves a sweet 1990 RV for the whole weekend. We put our North Shore Rack on the back and filled it with 5 friends, and off we went to Kamloops

Since we showed up at the race site on Friday, we managed to snag a spot right by the finish line. It was the perfect set up for the weekend and I’m totally sold on the idea of doing this again

I spent a couple of hours on Friday night walking the course with my friend Lindsay Trimble (Pro Elite: I’ve never done this before and always thought it was just a waste of time. Why walk the course when you can ride it! Well, it turned out to be a great thing as we picked the best lines and had that all in our minds before doing laps on Saturday. I spent Saturday shuttling the race course with friends (which allowed me to avoid the long line-ups for the shuttle bus) and I think I got about 8 runs in. We also took a break and rode this super fun trail called Rio, click for a video.

I was feeling pretty good on my bike and hitting almost all the jumps and drops…except for one big road gap that comes right after the only technical section on the entire course

I knew I could do it as I’ve ridden stuff that big before, but I just couldn’t muster up the courage to hit it. It’s pretty nerve wracking to have so many people around watching! But jumping the gap instead of rolling the ramp would be way faster, so I still wanted to give it a try at some point. After a fun evening of beers, BBQ and bonfire, we hit the sack early for a good night sleep in the RV.

On race day, I managed to get a couple more practice laps in. I’m not sure what came over me, but I cleaned the technical section really well and on my roll up to the road gap, I told myself “DO IT” and launched it. Sure enough, the landing was a little rough but overall it was fine. I hit it again on practice lap 2 and decided I would hit it for sure during my race run. With a couple hours to go before my race time, I was definitely starting to get nervous. I headed up early to the start line and just tried to stay calm. When it was finally my turn, all my nervousness melted away and I ripped through the course. I hit everything smoothly and had no fumbles that I can recall. When I crossed the finished line, my legs were burning and I could barely breathe

A few minutes later, the race results were posted and I was surprised to see I had won my category! Out of about 25 women racing that day, I finished 7th overall. Not bad for my first BC Cup Race!

Click here to see a video from my race run.

Following the awards ceremony, we loaded up the RV and headed home.  I’ve never been happier to come down the Coquihalla in the pouring rain – Kamloops is such a dust bowl! It was great to ride on dry dirt and full sun, but the dust was nasty. Next weekend is the Sunshine Coaster, definitely one of my favourite courses and I hope to do well again. Although not a BC Cup race, it’s a great tune-up for future races and I never say no to riding on the Sunshine Coast.

That’s it for now! Keep riding and smiling ladies!



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  1. Wow… Road Gap!! That is awesome. Congratulations to you on your first Cup win!!!! Keep up the hard work. I will keep in mind the walking the course part too. Thanks for the post!!! See you on the trails!

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