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So it had been over a month since the BCBR was done…actually 6 weeks to be exact. Since I had finished my big goal race of the summer I wasn’t sure what else I wanted to conquer and had made no promises and no plans.

I did sign up for the Gearjammer (which was 2 weeks post BCBR) a few days before but my body didn’t let me line up on the start line as I relapsed with a nasty flu the night before.  It knocked me on my behind and reminded me that maybe I wasn’t done with the recovery phase.  I also felt horrible that Michelle L (my carpooling partner) had to miss it as well since I was her ride.

So this time around I decided if there was day of registration I would go that route to ensure I made it to the race start healthy and keen. The race I had my eye on was “Just Another Bike Race” on August 20th in Squamish. Although the training regime had come to a halt after BCBR I was of course still enjoying fun riding around my home (ie. Fromme and Seymour XC). The course in Squamish sounded fantastic, including a few of the fun trails I had tried before on my many visits there.

So race morning came and I scrambled around getting ready, consuming coffee and making sure Cooper was good to go for the day. I enjoyed a leisurely drive (stopping for another coffee) and made it to the registration with plenty of time to hang out and even do a warm up spin.
I was looking around for Crystal since this was the last of the Hell of a Series races and she (the rockstar of the racing team) did ALL of them!! She had been smart and hung out in the shade until lining up to go was necessary.  It was approaching 30 and one of the hotter days we had seen in the summer.

I started out keeping a good pace for the starting climb that took us all the way up to Half Nelson which is full of WHEEEEEE!! After that I enjoyed the technical ups and downs and many climbs in the hot sun the course had to offer. I really felt like I was pushing a good race pace and since I didn’t have to worry about racing the next day I could leave it all on the course I thought.

One thing that I had been so careful about during BCBR and other races was hydration and fueling…therefore never having a problem or suffering any ill effects from neglect. Well, I guess my coffee consumption that morning, day prior and lack of water compensation started to catch up with me. After about 2-2.5 hours of riding for the first time ever in my life I was experiencing leg cramps. I was taken aback and was so determined to finish this race strong that I even resorted to chanting out loud to myself that “I don’t cramp, I don’t cramp….etc.” I managed to pedal through it and drink all that I had left but at that point the damage usually has been done. It was only in the few spots that needed a jump of the saddle did my legs seize a bit and I did feel straight legged…really bizarre feeling I must say.

Luckily it became mind over matter and the mind won. I popped out of the last technical trail and realized I was only minutes from the finish. I hammered on home and crossed the line pretty depleted having to sit down for what seemed like an hour (more like 10 minutes I think) but it took about half an hour to just start to feel a bit normal again.

After chatting with some experienced racers I know it was as I thought, dehydration. I managed to get my appetite back and enjoyed the great feast they had to offer at the finish line and even had some complimentary ice cream…what is better on a hot hot day.

Crystal had a great race and I was so happy to be there for the final race of her epic season!!

After the awards (where we both saw the podium!) I headed home and not surprisingly had a fairly mellow evening with the little man and was unable to get the motivation to hit the two bbqs going on that night…oh well I guess I ain’t Supermom after all.

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