Kelsie Lengert: Bikes, Bunnies, Baked Goods and BFF’s

I first met Kelsie while working in a bike shop in North Van. I had already been somewhat established at the shop when she took the part-time job to help fund the full-time design program she was enrolled in at Capilano College.

She was new to the world of bikes but was outgoing, funny and a real chatter box; I liked her immediately. There was something about her that reminded me of home, like Granny’s homemade breads and pies and she had a small-town girl attitude. As it turns out we both grew up in small towns in the Fraser Valley and shared stories of canning fruit and churning butter. For those who know me this may come as a surprise, but for Kelsie it suits her perfectly. She is hometown goodness.

Shortly after she left the shop, (I was close behind) we started riding together. I took her out on an XC ride on Burnaby Mountain, (this is the ideal beginner mountain and is where I lead beginner riders for Muddbunnies Riding Club). Squeals and shrieks aside she nailed mountain biking like she was made to do it all of her life. So her and her Cannondale F3, (with headshock) took to the trails and never looked back.

Eventually she upgraded her bike, (or as all of us lovers of bikes do) and bought another one and upped her game. She progressed faster than most I know and started “sending it” off of things I hadn’t even contemplated. It was incredible to witness. We all have our strengths in biking and Kelsie’s is steeps. She tackles a descent with fearless determination.

Fashionably late for our first adventure race.

Besides riding “the bike park” aka the Whistler Bike Park and the local North Shore trails, we’ve also competed in adventure races, “Suburban Rush” two years in a row. We’ve renamed the race, “The Ultimate Test of Friendship Race” as we’ve had a few catty moments but inevitably push through and encourage each other during or weakest moments. Nothing says, “I love you” like mudd, sweat and tears on two wheels.


In addition to being one of my favourite riding buddies, Kelsie has also given her artistic skill to many Muddbunnies tshirt designs, logo redesigns, web designs and of course the Muddbunnies Calendar two years in a row, (2009 and 2010). She has been an incredible help and I think she’s a great artist. Check out her website here

If biking brings you nothing else, it’s brings you social networking. I’m certain many women feel the same and can thank biking and organizations like Muddbunnies Riding Club for bringing together some of the most amazing people out there.

How has biking changed your life? What new friends have you gained from cycling? Tell us about your biking crew!


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