Ladies 4x Skills Day at the Abbotsford BMX Track

sweet write-up by the coach herself Jill Kintner!

Just wanted to say Thanks again to everyone who made our skills day a success at the Abbotsford indoor BMX!!! – Track organizers; Steve and Gary, Kat from Sweetlines (who is great to coach with), our helpers, and the ladies who attended. We had so many people wait-listed, that we ended up adding an extra class earlier in the day. Almost 30 ladies in one day, not too shabby:) Great groups too.

Think BMX tracks are perfect place just to really break down basic skills, and then add in more advanced stuff as the group progresses- like passing tactics, starts, manuals, etc. Then at the end get a few full gates of ladies battling it out!! It was great!!

The building up there is pretty dialed; Heat, lights, sound system, restrooms, huge space for a track, grandstands, etc. Much bigger than our Port orchard indoor spot, but Port orchard has a little tighter turns and sections for technical skills.

Abbotsford also has an outdoor supercross track with a full sized SX ramp and sick rhythm sections just walking distance away from the indoor. They are going to have a World Cup Supercross next year. It was wet and locked up, but we got to check it out. That’s more my style of riding. I have a hard time staying entertained on basic bmx tracks these days, but really enjoy creative lines at new locations:) Had a great time sharing my riding knowledge, helping people out, and meeting new lady shredders!!!

Guess they are going to tear this current indoor track down and rebuild it in january for more indoor racing excitement, so that’ll keep em coming back!! The potential for this space is unlimited.

Kat and I will do more clinics in the future- Thinking about doing pump track ones next fall probably:) That will be real fun. I taught Pump tracks last year at Dirt Series:) I’ll be back with those gals at Dirt Series again too – great program. C ya there-

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