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The 2008 Iron Horse catalog only features the dw-link mountain bike product range. As many of our other models have become more specific to meet individual market’s individual tastes and needs, we have changed the focus of the catalog to be Iron Horse’s unified global marketing piece. More detailed info and content will be available on the website.

Some new and interesting bike features to note are:

Streamlined product mix to concentrate on key price points and specs.
– Geometry changes on 7POINT, 6POINT & MkIII models.
– Easton main triangle tubing on Azures.
– Sunday Elite with Totem single crown fork.
– The new MkIII Elite model with full new Shimano Deore XT kit.
– Reduced weight and more Trail-XC focus for the MkIII series.
– A super hot, bright red Azure Expert model for marathon XC riding.

Sunday / Downhill

The Sunday series models are purpose built models for gravity fed trails. They are designed for riding aggressively on fast and technical trails that generally have a continuous elevation drop. Downhill bikes are typically used in competition on race courses, in lift serviced bike parks, or on other uplift or hike-a-bike trails. Downhill trails will often be technical in nature and feature drops, jumps, steep pitches and chutes, and other difficult terrain features. Some common features of downhill models are strong frames with slack and low geometry, large diameter disc brake rotors, single front chainrings, wide tires with a soft rubber compound, and 8 inches of suspension travel.

Sunday Elite

Sunday Expert

Sunday Team

Sunday WC

7POINT / Freeride

The 7POINT is designed for use on Northshore style trails, in bike parks, or in big mountain riding situations. Freeride trails are generally very technical and combine natural and man-made obstacles and features. Freeride bikes often are ridden deep into the woods and will need to do some climbing. Freeride bikes feature heavy-use frames and wheels, slack frame geometry, large diameter disc brake rotors, dual front chainrings, and 7” of suspension travel.


6POINT / Aggressive All Mountain

6POINT series models are designed for situations where a typical trail or marathon bike is not enough but where a freeride bike is overkill. The trails will require climbing but also have technical sections that may include jumps, stunts, and steep chutes or descents. This aspect of riding is categorized as all mountain. The 6POINT is aimed at the more aggressive side of the all mountain category, combining some features of heavier duty freeride bikes with a lighter weight frame and air sprung suspension. Aggressive all mountain bikes feature durable but lightweight frames, large diameter disc brake rotors, dual front chainrings, and 6.3 inches of suspension travel.



MkIII / Trail

The MkIII series are oriented toward long distance cross country rides on trails that will require significant climbing but also feature some technical trail features and descents. Trail bikes need to be light enough for climbing and for long rides but also need to be durable enough to not breakdown when deep in the woods or the back country. Trail bikes feature durable but lightweight frames, disc brakes, triple front chainrings, and 5 inches of air sprung suspension travel.

MkIII Comp

MkIII Elite

MkIII Sport

MkIII Trail

Azure / Marathon

Azure series models are designed for cross country rides or events that are often long distance, all day or multi day in duration, or less technical in nature. In this marathon style of riding or racing, lighter weight bikes with less suspension travel are advantageous. Marathon bikes need to excel at climbing as well as carry speed on descents and flatter trail segments. Due to their use in longer ride and multi day applications, marathon bikes need to be more durable than pure cross country race models. Marathon bikes feature lightweight aluminum frames, disc brakes, triple front chainrings, and 4 inches of air sprung suspension travel.

Azure Expert

Azure Sport


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