Muddbunnies at the Leavenworth Bike & Brew

This year a crew of us decided to head down to the Leavenworth Bike & Brew to do some racing, riding and possibly some brew sampling.

After a fish and chips complete with bike exploring stop in Fairhaven we were on the road to prep for racing the next day.

Saturday morning was bright and sunny and a perfect day for some serious racing action.

And by serious racing I mean stopping for photo shoots mid race,

(The vollies loved their picture being taken!)

beer drinking at the top,

and generally goofing off!

We all finished happy whether 1 or 2 laps were completed. A special congrats goes out to Maiken for completing her 1st race ever and Nadja for completing her 1st Sport class race ever! Go BUNNIES!!!

Now that the weekend task – aka the race – was completed, it was time to explore some Leavenworth riding – Xanadu here we come!

To get to the Xanadu trail-head its a bit of a climb… and after racing it felt like a whole lot of a climb! But the scenery was so amazing we hardly noticed.

Made it to the trail-head, time to get stoked!

Xanadu is in such beautiful spot… and the trail doesn’t suck either.

Xanadu rolls up and down along a ridge to start with but then the steeper downhill berms start and its pure blissed-out bike action until the bottom!

Next stop? The Bike & Brew Festival’s brew portion of the weekend!

After a very long day we hit the hay in anticipation of the next days outing – Devil’s Gulch!

Time to load the bikes for another day of dusty play.

For anyone wanting to ride Devils Gulch – keep in mind the 2 hour round-trip shuttle. It can really eat into your day!

Since we were under a time crunch – one of the group had to make it home for night shift – 2 of us sat out opting instead to drive the vehicle the hour back and start riding up the trail. Riding up Devil’s Gulch is completely doable, just watch for the blind corners and people hurtling down towards you. Its a fast flowy one!

Devil’s Gulch has quite a few creek crossings. Some ride-able, some walkable depending on your level of crazy!

Devil’s Gulch, check.

Time to head home and get our buddy to work… but not before fixing a surprise Maiken’s car left for us! Oh dang…

A little stop in Monroe, WA for some of the best Mexican I’ve ever had as the sun sets and the weekend was complete.

Thank you Leavenworth for showing a bunch of Canucks how its done!

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