Let’s get the Worlds Started

Over the next two weeks, the new UCI world champions will be nominated in the disciplines of downhill, fourcross, cross-country, trials and for the firsttime also in cross-country eliminator.

Here is an overview of the most important competitions during the UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships:

Saturday, September 1st:

  • Women and Men 4X World Championships (5:30pm)

Sunday, September 2nd:

  • Women Juniors and Men Juniors Downhill World Championships (10:30am)
  • Women Elite Downhill World Championships (1:00pm)
  • Men Elite Downhill World Championships (2:00pm)

Wednesday, September 5th:

  • Women Trials World Championships  (10:00am – 2:00pm)

Thursday, September 6th:

  • Cross-country Team Relay World Championships (5:00pm)
  • Men Trials 20’’ World Championships (9:00pm – 10:45pm)

Friday, September 7th:

  • Men Trials 26’’ World Championships (9:00pm – 10:45pm)

Saturday, September 8th:

  • Women Elite Cross-country World Championships (11:00am)
  • Men Elite Cross-country World Championships (2:00am)

Sunday, September 9th:

  • Cross-country Eliminator World Championships (1:30pm)

Real bike fans should take the opportunity to watch the events live on site, so not to miss any of the world class action. All trails and tracks, some of them completely rebuilt, some have been majorly reshaped, are fully equipped with speakers and four large projection screens. So no matter which event you are at, or where you are on the course you can follow all the action from start to finish.

Video of the Downhill Course at the World Championships in Leogang:



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