Life Cycle Project-July 21st, 2012

Check out what our fellow MuddBunnie Debora De Napoli is getting up to from July 21st to August 1st!


Thirteen spectacular days traveling on mountain bike from mountain top to mountain top, from Fernie to Kananaskis.

It’s long been my dream to mountain bike the Rockies and in honor of my mother, Elisa, who lost her battle to ovarian cancer three years ago, I am going to embark on a life changing journey I call ‘Life Cycle’.

On July 21st, I’ll be biking and filming a documentary of my experience, from training to majestic mountain top to completion; capturing my journey from every challenging turn and every uplifting moment to raise funds and awareness of ovarian cancer. It’s a project that I have created, I am committed to it, and feel passionate about sharing.

Through my story and my journey I hope to touch, inspire and give hope to others.

The film will be entered into many festivals, including the Banff International Mountain Film Festival.

My mother, Elisa (Lissetta) lost her battle to ovarian cancer three years ago. She was 67 and the year she passed away would have marked her and my father’s 48th wedding Anniversary. She lived powerfully and was a cherished friend to many. She was the pillar in our family; mother of four and grandmother to eight. My mother had passion and laughter and a hug that made everything better.

Since my mother’s passing, I’ve lost five family members to cancer; however, My cousin, Mary, is winning her battle with early detected ovarian cancer, and my sister, Laura, has also been given a chance with the awareness that she also carries the same genetic mutation. There is hope!

Life Cycle has Zero funding and is an individual event I created that is recognized by the Canadian Cancer Society. I am one person trying to make a difference.

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