Loeka and MuddBunnies Join Forces!!

Mark you calendars for JUNE 20!

Your trusty MuddBunnies have pulled out of their magic top hat another amazing deal for all members! Loeka and MuddBunnies have joined forces to offer all of our members deep discounts on their phenomenal line of women’s specific clothing. You must be a MuddBunnies Riding Club member to get these deals! Keep your eyes glued to your inboxes for more information about this deal coming your way.

Check out a Loeka product review done by a fellow Muddbunnie, Michelle.

If you haven’t heard about Loeka, read below about their philosophy and fit…


“We are riders ourselves who believe that riding your bike is a great way to socialize, get some great exercise and clear your head. We created Loeka not only to design great clothing for women but also to help build a strong community of female riders from beginners to professionals.”

“The fit of Loeka’s clothing has been designed specifically for a women’s body shape, and we are not just saying that. All the clothing has to pass the team’s strict fit test. The jerseys are slightly widened in the shoulders to accommodate armour yet still maintain a proper fit. The sides tapered to follow the natural curves of a women and the back lengthened slightly to cover the top of your shorts as everyone knows crack kills. The shorts have taken into account a women’s waist to hip ratio and hip to thigh ratio. In other words, the shorts have been designed to fit as many body styles as possible while providing comfort and style.”

Come out and experience it for yourself June 20!

Loeka will be on hand for the ride on Fromme as well as the Narrows pub with samples to answer any questions and help you find the perfect fit. We will also be taking orders at the pub. If you don’t place an order at the pub, please ensure to place your order by Wednesday July 4. You’ll be able to pay with credit card (through paypal), email money transfer, cash, or cheque.


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