Our Races seem to always land on holidays! We just finished the indoor 4x series on St Valentines day, so whats next? A heads up pump race on St Paddys! Come on out to Pipeline Bike Park on Saturday March 17th for a really fun event. Pipeline Pump Races involve a seeding round which consists of a stand alone time trial on the pump track followed by a dual elimination race that puts riders in a pursuit, head to head, until the final.

Pipeline St.Paddy’s Day Twoonie Race

The racing is tight and involves many photo finishes. And…oh yeah…you’re not allowed to pedal… That’s right, you have to make it around the track by pumping only! Pedal strokes result in added seconds or complete disqualifications. This type of racing is super fun and trains your riding to increase bike handling and finesse. Come on out to the race! Bring a twonie! Wear Green! Race is sponsored by Fox racing and Kona Bikes.

Get out and race Bunnies!!! Let’s have a Muddbunnies take-over at this twoonie race and give the boys some competition!


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