Marzocchi Star Sightings


While Michelle and Jim have been working like mad to create our official forum, I´ve been hangin´ with the boys from Marzocchi. I was able to head down to the sale in North Vancouver and had the please of meeting James and Naz and drop off a calendar. Great guys!


I brought my son and his buddy who were there to shop and meet Ryan Leech and Wade Simmons. Both pros were incredibly friendly and down-to-earth and they were gracious enough to sign some posters and clothing for the boys and other folks who showed up for the sale.



One thought on “Marzocchi Star Sightings

  1. ha thats funny Ryan – I went down there to heckle Wade at his signing and Nazzy whipped out the calender and made me sign it….talk about turning the tables. Bryson (who runs Marzocchi N. America) was there and we were goin to the supercross – he thought the calender was cool and I think our pics are now up there alongside Jenna Jamieson the porn star who did some ads for M…….uh oh!

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