Micayla Gatto: Racer and Artist

West Van local, Micayla Gatto, is known within the cycling community as being one of the fastest girls on the circuit. Here’s her info from the Canadian DH Girls site:

Growing up on the North Shore Mountains of Vancouver, Micayla started racing Cross Country 8 years ago, when she was just 13 years old. Now at 21, she has not only achieved many goals in a wide-spectrum of cycling, but has recently focused her energy on the power-sprint categories of cycling.

Early success as a Junior Downhill Racer propelled Micayla into a solid 2007 season, followed by consecutive top ten international results on the World Cup circuit in 2008. For 2009, Micayla has reached her goals, earning her her most successful year to date. With top ten performances in both Europe and North America, including a blazing 7th place at the World Championships in Canberra, Australia in 2009.

During the off season in 2008, Micayla was proactive in her search for more ways to train, despite the snowy winter conditions. She discovered indoor bmx racing, and is now on the provincial team, racing all over North America. She also has a natural ability to ride a hardtail. She proved what significant talent she has by beating out 2008’s 4x world champion in her second dual slalom race ever at Whistler Crankworx in August.

Aside from being an overall talented rider, Micayla is a favourite with press and fans. Exceptionally photogenic and friendly, Micayla exudes a presence of professionalism and accessibility when she enters a room. BIKE magazine dubbed her “One of the five most respected females of the sport” in 2009. She also shows extreme dedication in other aspects of her life; she is currently enrolled in University studying Graphic Design and Illustration.

In addition to racing, Micayla believes in giving back to the community of cycling. She teaches children of all ages the basics of cycling, and has spoken at schools about the experiences she has enjoyed in her sport.

In 2010, Micayla plans on racing the World Cup Downhill and 4x circuits, as well as the North American bmx circuit, and most major events in Canada and United States.

Career Highlights:

4 time National DH Team Member
2 time World Championship Medalist- 2006,2007
2 time National Champion
2009 World Championships: 7th

2009 Highlights:

Valparaiso Urban DH Chile: 1st
World Cup Bromont, Canada: 6th
World Cup Fort William, Scotland: 9th
Whistler Crankworx Dual Slalom: 3rd
Whistler Crankworx Canadian Open: 2nd
Whistler Crankworx Air Downhill: 4th
World Championships, Canberra Australia: 7th

2008 Highlights:

World Championships: 12th
World Cup Andorra: 12th
World Cup Fort William, Scotland: 15th
World Cup Mont St. Anne ,Canada: 10th
World Cup Bromont, Canada: 10th
Canadian National Championships: 2nd
Canadian National Series Champion: 1st
Whistler Crankworx Air Downhill: 2nd
Valparaiso Urban DH Chile: 2nd

2007 Highlights:

Canadian National Pro DH Champion: 1st
3 Rounds Canadian National Series: 1st
Canada Cup National Series Overall: 1st
Sea Otter DH (Top Canadian): 8th
Whistler Crankworks Air Downhill: 2nd

Current Sponsors:

Oakley, Nike 6.0, Commencal, Shimano, Giro, Gravity. More sponsors TBA in 2010

“Growing up with an older brother, I was pushed a lot as a kid. Now I’m all grown up, and nothing has changed. Being a girl in a male-dominated sport can be tough at times, but I like a challenge. I’ll be the first to admit that besides the top tier of women, I’d rather watch the guys race than the girls. Saying that, I also think women are slowly gaining a good foot-hold in the sport, and I do believe that one day we will be respected like the snowboard and surf girls are. I was taught to never give up on your dreams. If someone tells me no, or that I wont be able to do something, I try even harder to succeed. There’s no point in showing up at a race and not wanting to win. If that is your goal, you have to keep that in the back of your mind every step of the way. Never lose focus of what you love most. Passion is the biggest drive you can have; if you’re passionate about something, chances are you’re going to put all your effort into it. Riding is my life. Every second I spend on my bike is a second well-lived. My mom has been the greatest support for me in my career, and I thank her deeply for it. I also thank my sponsors. Without their love and support, nothing I have ever achieved would have been possible. I believe everything happens for a reason, and everyone deserves a chance.”

Check out Micayla’s Professional Artistic Profile Here: http://www.micaylagatto.com/home.html


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