Mountain Biking in NYC

Guest post provided by Anthony Clayton. Anthony is lifelong resident of NYC and marketing manager for Bike Rental Central Park –Central Park bike tours.

Image credit: mountain bike

Image credit: mountain bike

When we think of New York City, the first thoughts to come to mind are reminiscent of urban skyscrapers, the subway systems, and a concrete jungle. For mountain bikers, those three industrial and cityscape terms can feel like a nightmare. Truth be told, many New York City mountain bikers had to travel out of the city’s bright lights and crowded streets to hit the trails until the New York City Mountain Bike Association (NYCMTB) was formed and took matters into their own hands.


The New York City Mountain Bike Association

Established in 2005, the NYCMTB began fighting for mountain biking trails within the city. Their first endeavor focused on providing a trail in Highbridge Park of Manhattan but has now led to multiple biking trails within the parks across the city’s five boroughs. The New York City Mountain Bike Association continues to build and maintain the mountain biking trails as well as hosts programming events, races, and community gatherings. With a commitment to providing and sharing a love of mountain biking and outdoor sports, the NYCMTB is consistently looking to add more trails to the city for those involved in the mountain biking world.

Whether you are just beginning to explore the mountain biking world or have been enjoying the sport for years, the team at The New York City Mountain Bike Association has ensured the bike trails are suitable for all skill sets. Check out these three unique, fun, and challenging dirt and obstacle-filled trails.

Three Mountain Biking Trails in the Heart of New York City

First Timer Trail: Cunningham Park in Queens

For first time mountain bikers, this trail located in the heart of Queens offers defined and easier trails to navigate. Plenty of markers direct bikers to the easiest path to take while other markers point to harder routes, providing a more challenging experience to certain riders. This park trail also is only a one way route, providing peace of mind for first time bikers that may be worried about oncoming path traffic. With clear markers and directions, riders can bike the trail for hours without getting lost and while gaining a love for the sport.


Beginner/Intermediate Trail: Wolfe’s Pond on Staten Island

The Wolfe’s Pond trial is the perfect New Yorker trail for beginner to intermediate riders. Located on Staten Island, this trail could be considered a little outside of the city, but it offers a good riding experience to those just figuring out how great we all know mountain biking can be. Thick, lush trees line the trail and with orange markers along the trail, you know just where to go for your ride. It is here that trial and error can assist riders as they get in the groove of things with downed trees and other natural obstacles to be navigated over, under, or around.


Technical Trail: Highbridge Park in Manhattan

While the other trails throughout the five boroughs of NYC can come in a wide range of difficulties, the trail at Highbridge Park in Manhattan is the most technical trail in the city. Forget the lush forests of Wolfe’s Park and the rolling dirt paths of Cunningham. Highbridge is filled with technically challenging natural elements such as steep climbs, deep drops, large rocks, fallen trees, and in some spots even twisting trails alongside cliffs. Even the names of the trails can be intimidating in this park with titles such as Rough Ryder, Hell Fighter, and Hessian Hill. This trail is the perfect blend of technical dirt paths and a beautiful riding experience, making it a favorite of many New York mountain bikers. It is also the easiest trail to access, just take the No. 1 train to Dyckman Street and you can see the trail entrance sign across the street from Fort George Hill.


Bike Rentals in NYC

Most New Yorkers don’t have their own bikes until they are certain they love the sport and can hit the trails often. This means that there are plenty of bike rental options in New York City. So, if you are visiting and wish to check out the trails, have no worries. There are plenty of NYC bike rental options to help you explore all these trails have to offer.

Mountain Biking in New York City

Thoughts about New York City are often centered on its urban skyscrapers and industrial cityscape, but for mountain bikers in the Big Apple, New York brings thoughts of extreme trails, natural obstacles, and some of the best trails in the state. So, whether you are just beginning to explore the mountain biking world or have been enjoying the sport for years, check out the trails of New York and the New York City Mountain Bike Association for some truly unique, fun, and challenging dirt and obstacle filled trails.



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