Mud Run Ride – North Vancouver 2011

Race Location: Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, North Vancouver – map
Awards Location: Taylor’s Crossing, North Vancouver – map

You’ll be a team of two.
One partner rides while the other one runs until the first challenge. After each challenge, partners will switch disciplines, then continue on to the next challenge. The final challenge, the infamous wall and mud pit, must be completed by both partners together.

It’s time to get dirty, bring a friend.

The MUD is an event that gives everyone an opportunity to have fun at an adventure race. Whether you are an experienced racer or you are looking at your first competition, you will cross the finish line with a big smile and even bigger coating of mud.

You will start off either running or biking, going until you hit the first Mystery Challenge. If you are riding at this point, you get off your bike, conquer the challenge and then start running to the next Mystery Challenge. If you are running, you do the challenge and then hop on the bike and start riding to the next challenge. You will do this a few times throughout the event. This way, everyone gets to do some riding and running.
Oh and how can I forget… at the finish there will be a nice mud pit waiting for you to crawl through, wall for you to climb over, and the finish line. At this point you can say you have raced the MUD RUN RIDE!

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