Muddbunnie Drops Clinic May 2011

You sit there staring, willing yourself to get over it. The nerves take over and a slight quiver threatens your fingers. The pedals are suddenly foreign and brake levers to far/to close, the mind pinpoints everything that can go wrong.
It’s this point of the trail that you need help with, more help than a few cheers of encouragement, you need to learn how to do this.

I have been doing small drops for awhile, most I could land around 90 percent of the time. Its that 10 percent that kept me from getting the height that I wanted to go. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong I was stuck.
Endless biking and the Muddbunnies teamed up just in time to set up a drops clinic. A Muddbunnies clinic is a few hours set aside for you, nobody else, just you to build up basic skills to get you to the advanced level you want to reach. You might not drop 5 feet the next day but the 2.5 footer you had your eye on suddenly appears on your radar.

Not being one to read the rules I showed up late at the wrong place. When I finally found where I was supposed to go I was met by a tall smiling blonde with , wait, I could go on but lets get back to the clinic.

We started off with some basic body positioning, moved onto wheel lifts, manuals and working with the wooden obstacles. Like young Robins flung from the nest we floundered at first but soon found our wings. The time came to test out our skills at the bike park.

Ever seen a bunny fly? I have!

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