Lending a Hand – story by Amber Katzoff

We received this wonderful story from our Race Team Member, Amber Katzoff, from New Hampshire, and we just had to share!




My fiancé, Mark and I went on a trip to Whistler to bike. The whole trip was based around the Muddbunnies end of the year shingdig. We had such a great time biking all the amazing trails Whistler and Vancouver had to offer. It’s such a great thing when you can experience a new place while doing it with the thing your so passionate about…for me, it’s my bike. The trails offered every aspect of biking one could imagine.


The best part was meeting the Muddbunnies. Before this trip I was proud to be a part of such a great group of women that have the passion for biking like I do. Not only the passion, but want to reach out to other women and show them how great of a sport and community biking is. I knew from the get go this was a group I would be proud to represent, and help encourage women to get on a bike and ride! After meeting the girls, I was 100 times happier to be part of this team. To spend time with them, laugh with them, and talk biking, non stop, I realized this is a awesome group of ladies on bikes and in person. My biking family had grown.


As the trip ended I was a little sad to go knowing I live so far from these ladies, but made it my mission to make the Muddbunnies known on the east coast. I knew I wanted to try and promote this great race team and what it stands for back home. Ladies must get together and ride! Mark and I arrived back into the Manchester, NH airport around midnight. Tired and still having a 2 hour drive home we made our way down the escalator to the baggage claim to get our very large bike boxes and luggage. As we made our way down I noticed a very young lady, maybe early 20’s, sitting there on her laptop with a big duffle bag in front of her, on top, was a purple full faced POC helmet. I nudge Mark and pointed out the obvious other biker at the airport. I went to baggage and Mark went and grabbed the truck. I then made my way by the young girl with the large bike boxes. Her head perked up and asked if there was anyway we were going to Highland Mountain Bike Park. Highland is about 40 minutes from the airport. I apologized and said No, I’m sorry. As I waited by the curb I couldn’t help but think this girl, fellow biker, was stranded at the airport. I told Mark about it and even though Highland was a little out of the way we both agreed we couldn’t leave her stranded.

I went back in the airport and told her we would give her a ride. You could see the relief in her eyes. On the car ride we got her story. Her name was Trish and was from Whistler. What are the chances! She was going to go teach at Highland for the weekend. That weekend was Highlands’ women freeride weekend. She didn’t realize there isn’t much for public transportation in New Hampshire and had found herself stuck at the airport. I think she said thank you thirty times before we dropped her off. We switched our stories, what bikes we rode, our favorite trails at Whistler, and normal bike geek talk. After we dropped her off I realized this is what being, not only a Muddbunnie is about, but just the biking community in general. Numerous times other bikers have reached out to me whether with bike parts, biking skills, or just one biker helping another. I felt great being the one to lend another a hand to be able to accomplish their passion….to bike!

Highland Mountain Bike Park – Women’s Freeride Festival 2013 from Highland Mountain Bike Park on Vimeo.

The Muddbunnies encourage and welcome female riders of all experience and skill levels to join them in getting down and dirty. Come on, ride like a girl!




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