Muddbunnies 2007 Calendar News


Wow! We expected the calendar would be a success we didn´t realize how much publicity we´d receive. We´ve had almost 20 new members sign up on the site since the calendars were advertised on both PinkBike and NSMB with over 14,000 hits on PinkBike´s calendar story alone!! We´ve outsold our projected stock not once but twice, thus exceeding predicted sales by 200%!!


Our sincerest gratitude goes out to Danielle Baker, Miss December, who slaved away scheduling, shooting and editing the majority of the calendar. It´s been an insane experience and one none of us will forget. I´m sure all the models you photographed thank you for portraying them in such a stunning fashion. Best of luck on your new-found career, we´re sure you´ll succeed! And if any one is looking for a great photographer be sure to contact her @ daniellebaker at .



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