Muddbunnies 2013 Race Team Application


Deadline December 31st, 2012

Do you want to race?


Do you want to race on a team of positive and progressive women? Then race with the Muddbunnies! For the 2013 season, apply to the Muddbunnies, and join the most exciting womens only race team! We are looking for people who are going to commit to at least 5 races (in any discipline) in the 2013 season. We are interested in all skill levels of riders, so don’t be shy if you don’t have much experience.


2012 Muddbunnies Race Team

One Team, Several Chapters


This year, the Muddbunnies Race Team will be structured into small “chapters” – or you can choose to race as an Individual.

Team Chapters will consist of approximately 4 to 8 members, and each member of the chapter will be responsible for taking turns bringing the Team Tent / Banner / Beer / etc to the races. (Each chapter will have their own tent/banner/beer/etc). Chapters will be:

-BC Mainland
-BC Vancouver Island
-Washington, USA

**If you are already a group of ladies who want to form your own chapter – Please let us know when you fill out the application. We will contact you to find out the names of the ladies in your chapter – please ensure all ladies fill out the application!

If you are a part of one Chapter, it doesn’t mean you can’t still race in a different area! We will encourage lots of “cross-chapter” racing!

Those who race as Individuals will not have Team Tent / Banner / etc at the races – however you will still reap the benefit from our sponsors and have the opportunity to be a part of all the team events, clinics, rides, etc.

Team Member Requirements


All of our race team candidate requirements are:

– Must commit to at least 5 races in the 2013 season
– Wear the official team jersey during all events you participate while under contract with the Muddbunnies Race Team.
– Support and promote all of the sponsors businesses whenever possible
– Must have a good attitude!

Come join a fun women’s cycling team backed by our upcoming 2013 sponsors. If you meet our requirements, you are exactly what we are looking for!

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