MuddBunnies at the North Shore Bike Fest

A huge thank you needs to go out to all our fearless, faithful volunteers. Without your support (and reckless disregard for pretty hands) we would not have the cleaned as many bikes or fed as many hungry faces as we did on June 9 and June 10 at the North Shore Bike Fest.

Dar, Susan, Jen, Carie, Crystal, Dee, Vanessa, Lisa, Mia, Bobbi, Bree and Diana were the dozen MuddBunnies who offered up their time to soap up bikes at this annual event.

As usual, the MuddBunnies all had tasty treat to tantalize people’s tastebuds. No one can turn down sugar after a race! A big thank you to all our bakers, Veronica, Laura, Nina, Dorothy, Dar, Susan, Carie, Diana, Bobbi, Jen and Bree.

Whether you were up to your elbows in suds, flour or dirt (we can’t forget the trail day vollies too!!!), the MuddBunnies appreciates it all! Thanks a million!

Another thank you needs to go our to Cycles Lambert who donated all the Muc-Off Products to the MuddBunnies Bike Wash station. Mountain Equipment Co-op was the generous donator of our tent space where we held the Bike Wash and Bake Sale.

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