Muddbunnies Club (BC) – AGM – February 27th

AGM annoucentmentAre you interested in being a part of the organization of the Muddbunnies? Consider running for a position on the Board of Directors for the Vancouver Riding Club Chapter!

Elections will be held at the AGM on February 27th (Room open at 6:30pm) AGM will commence at 7 pm, at Karen Magnussen Eagle Room. Post AGM celebrations at Black Bear Pub.

ALL BOARD OF DIRECTOR POSITION ARE AVAILABLE FOR NOMINATIONS!!! If you are interested in being of the board in any of these roles please complete the application form HERE. After completing the application please email one photo of yourself to Jaclyn If you are nominating someone else for the role, please ensure that you speak to them directly. Nominations are due by February 23rd, 2015.

Note that our desire for pre-nomination allows us to post all the nominees prior to the AGM so our entire member base can see who they will be voting for.

Current Muddbunnies membership is required in order to be nominated.
Membership is available on line here and will also be available at the AGM.

Board of Director Roles & Responsibilities:

– Attend meeting on behalf of Muddbunnies such as NSMBA AGM & City meetings
-Responsible for all activities of the Muddbunnies
-Delegate tasks as required
-Responsible for Conflict Resolution
-Primary contact for the Board of Directors

-Takes over for President when president is unavailable
-Assists in other exec roles where needed and where gaps need to be filled
-Respond to general inquiries sent to the club
-Liaise with the Insurance Company for the Club Policy

– File registrar documents (year end annual reports, changes to directors, if addresses changes, etc)
– Maintain official club documents and binder
– Take/distribute/amend all meeting minutes
– Send reminder to board 4-5 days prior to each board meeting

-Maintain accurate and up-to-date accounting books
-Report on budget and financial position at monthly exec meetings
-Present past year’s financials/highlights at the AGM
-Prepare upcoming annual budget to present at the AGM (to be voted in by members)
-Monitor and reconcile bank account
-Signing authority on bank account (two signatures required)
-Issue cheques for club approved expense
-Manage Paypal account – create payment buttons, issue refunds, transfer funds to bank account
-Maintain list of User Id’s and passwords that can be passed on to the next Treasurer

– Recruit Ride Leads/Sweeps
– Organize Ride Leader orientation night (first quarter)
– Organize (minimum 2) Ride Leader development nights (rides with scenarios)
– Organize Season Kick-off Ride (March/April)

– Co-ordinate our new Muddbunnies Volunteer Program
– Liaise with trail organisations to organise MB trail day attendance
– Liaise with mountain bike community organisations to organise volunteers for races and events

– Generate monthly newsletter for all club members
– Initiates (e)mail-outs to the membership base when required
– Help support Director of Social Media

– Ensure appropriate club representation on Facebook and Twitter
– Ensure information on Club areas of are accurate and up-to-date
– Help support Director of Communications

2014 BoD

If you are interested in running for a position but you are not able to attend the AGM on February 27th, please contact Jaclyn ( and we will help you run for a position in your absence.