Interviews Cheryl Moore

Nicknames: Chucker, Chuckerdoo

Age: The big 30

Riding Since: Well I have always had a bike as a kid and a teenager. Then somewhere in my teenage hood I took up skateboarding and didn’t really play with bikes again till I was able to afford my first “big girl” bike. I got a Rocky Mountain Element XC bike and played on that till I realized I was gonna need a much burlier bike to play on the trails I wanted too! And basically for the last 5 years riding as played a big part of my life.

Current Bike(s): Banshee Scythe, Banshee Rune and a Banshee Morphine and a Legend on the way!
Riding Style: I play around in a bit of everything. Mostly downhill but I like a good xc adventure and spend some time playing on the dirt jumps and pump tracks.

Racing Highlights: Finishing all 7 BC Cup races in my first season of racing without major injury.

Favorite race course: I think I have a bit of love for each course I have raced on. They all offered something different and brought new challenges. Although If I had to pick 1, I think it would have to be the Western Open in Kicking Horse. All round wicked ass mountain!

Describe your best biking day: Good trails, good friends, good weather, and maybe a cold pretty lady on a red can to end the day.

What discipline do you want to try?: One day I think I would like to give xc a go and perhaps try the BC bike race or something on that scale. Also I would love to try enduro dirt bike racing. But that’s all in my head for now, I have my self occupied with Downhill for now.

What has biking taught you?: I feel like I have learned a ton from riding. It has challenged me mentally and physically beyond what I thought I was capable of. I have learned how to push myself but also to follow my gut. I try and let myself progress naturally and stay in my comfort zone while still pushing myself and always trying new things. Oh and I have also learned that I bruise severely, and I’m often sporting some rather colourful skin!

Biggest hurdle overcome when riding?: I don’t know that I have overcome the “biggest” hurdle yet? I seem to be able to find a new hurdle every season of riding. I think that’s why I love it! I do think one of the biggest hurdles is generally learning to ride. Crashing over and over and over again… picking your bike up and doing it again and not giving up.

Career other than biking: Engineering Technician

Fav place to ride and why?: I have a little place in my heart for the Sunshine Coast. I grew up spending summers there, hiking and playing in the bush. Now i’m all grown up and i’m still playing in the bush!! Plus the riding is amazing!

Fav people to ride with?: Well props goes to my BF Dalen. We have spent the last 5 years riding together, with me trying to catch up to his riding level. At the beginning, it wasn’t easy! With a ton of patience and faith we have managed to gel together while riding quite nicely. Those of you who ride with their other halves know how challenging it can be at times!! We’re lucky that we both share the same passion for riding and we have each other to enjoy it with. He is my favourite person to ride with however all my riding friends are awesome and I always manage to have a good time no matter who i’m riding with.

Headphones or no headphones when you ride?: Headphones when i’m solo or climbing is a must.
Favorite music?: A little hip-hop a little rock a little dance, trance, electric, techno, house, anything goes really. Anything with good beats!

Other sports and activities?: I usually don’t make time for anything that doesn’t involve riding. But I really need to get out on my dirt bike more and I have been trying to do more snowboarding this winter. I have recently taken a liking to stand up paddle boarding which I will be doing a lot more of. Otherwise i’m usually up for anything outside.

iPhone, Blackberry, or Android?: iphone

Cats or Dogs: Dogs ( I have 3 cats, don’t tell them!!!)

Clipped in or Flats: Flats. Although I am slowing trying out clipped in for xc.

Shuttle or Climb: 50/50

Thanks Cheryl! Have a great season! Ride hard! Ride strong!

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