Interviews Lindsey Reid

Name: Lindsey Reid

Nicknames: Taters or Chicken depending on who you talk to

Age: 34

Current Bike(s): ’09 Giant Glory pimped out of course, Macneil Travis Collier bmx, Giant OCR 3 Ladies road bike

Riding Style: I’m an all around rider I think. On any given day you can see me at the skatepark on my bmx or around Kamloops going as fast as I bloody can on my Downhill bike. I also enjoy just making circles on my road bike.

Racing Highlights: I moved out to Kamloops from Dartmouth N.S. to race, unfortunatly a double knee blowout ended that dream pretty quickly. I got back on my bike last year after a 2 year lay off. My legs will never be the same again, but I am going to give racing another shot next year!

Riding Highlights: I competed in the first ever girls division at Metro Jam in Vancouver….that was pretty awesome! We crammed about 15 girls who barely knew each other into 2 hotel rooms, and did some impromptu skatepark demos as well. I made a lot of new friends that weekend, and all those ladies rip!

Describe your best biking day: The sun is shining at Sunpeaks, after a day of rain making the trails so tacky and fast…my bike is freshly tuned and feelin’ brand new, yup nothing better than that!

What discipline you want to try: I have tried every discipline I think, I ride dh, xc, road, bmx park, street, flatland. I have raced in bmx, cyclocross. Hell I even gave trials a go!

Fav female rider: Marla Streb no contest! She is such an inspiration to me. If you haven’t read her book ya’ll need to get on that!

Fav male rider: Steve Peat for DH. I think he’s just so fast and smooth.

Best trick you perform: I love moto whips, but the 360 is always a crowd pleaser.

Biking has taught you: Every time you get on your bike, ride it and enjoy it like it’s your last day on your bike cuz shit happens fast.

Career: I believe my official title is Warehouse Monkey, but Logistics sounds way more professional.

Favorite place to ride: Sunpeaks, I love the fast wide open steep stuff.

16. Favorite people to ride with: I always ride with Kimmy G (this chick is fearless and fast!)

17. Headphones or no headphones: One headphone in the left ear if I am riding with people, if I am on my road bike both ears are rocking the beats.

18. Favorite music: If I’m at the skatepark it’s gotta be hiphop Biggie, Pac, Classified and Jay-z. If I’m riding the Dh rig it’s Rise Against or some techno beats. Nothing makes you go faster than techno!

19. Other Sports: Skateboarding, snowboarding and ice hockey.

20. iphone or blackberry: I don’t have either but I think I would get an iphone if I had the scrilla for it.

21. Cats or dogs: I have a cat here, and I left my dog with my moms in Nova Scotia.

22. Dream bike: I own it….love my Glory. I would love to get a retro bmx to cruise on though, like a pk ripper.

23. Fav biking gear: Never leave home without my TroyLee helmet and Leatt brace.

24. Pedals clipped in or flats: If I am racing I would put the clips on, but for the most part I ride flats.

Shuttle or climb: To fav spot: Shuttle for sure, I am old and lazy when it comes to climbing!

When did you start riding: I got a two wheeler when I was about 7 or 8 I think and haven’t looked back since!

Thanks Lindsey! Look forward to seeing you on the circuit!

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