Muddbunnies Interviews: Joey Gough

1.Name: Joey Gough

2. Nicknames: Gothic, Goffy, Bestie

3. Age: 30

4.Bikes: Deluxe BMX kitted out with Aqua Profile parts, Morewood 4X bike, Specialized Dolce Road, 1980’s peugeot single speed racer in pink.

5. Riding Style: Flowy

6. Racing Highlights: 2nd at a 4X World cup, 5th 4x World Champs, National BMX titles, BMX British Champ, Elite Euro Finals in BMX, and getting to race a couple of Supercross races was pretty cool.

7. Riding Highlights: The first time hitting the big line at Wisley, the French road trip every year, just all the buzzes I get from riding and laughing with friends and hitting big jumps!

8. Describe your best biking day: Just one?!! Theres too many to mention! So I will pick a recent one. France 2010 Roadtrip, mid week, we hit one of our fave tracks. The sky was blue, sun shining, the wind was non existant. Everyone was sessioning the 2nd straight, people were jumping stuff that used to scare them and everyone cheered so loud when they did, big trains were going down til dusk…It was a great day…. then as if by magic the flood lights came on (Foz found the switch), things got a bit crazier and Billy pulled that backflip off a sketchy ramp, that you can see at the end of my video! Awesome day.

France 2010 from joeybmx on Vimeo.

9. What discipline do you want to try: I think I’ve tried everything I want to, it’s good to get some variety, but my heart lies with my BMX. I’d love to ride PA woods one day though. Also, a bit off the subject, but I’d like to go snowboarding someday .

10. Fav Female Rider: Cherie Elliot for the mad tables she did in the 80’s, way ahead of time. Tracy Moseley for finally getting the World title she deserved and being so down to earth (oh and she can ride trails too). Angie Marino and Tammy Donahugh for shredding the trails when so few girls do.

11. Fav Male Rider: Brian Foster. Racer, trails,smooth, stylish and fast. He’s awesome.

12. Best Trick you perform: I guess it has to be a table. I do a few other tricks sometimes but I just like flowing about and having fun at the trails more than anything. Tables kinda go with that.

13. What has biking taught you: Too many things to list, it’s made me the person I am today. For one, I was so ridiculously shy and quiet when I was a little kid, I mean I’m still not the kind of person who likes to be centre of attention, but riding- and maybe more so racing – has given me a lot of confidence in myself.

14. Career: I work as a clinical coder at the hospital, I take an exam later this year to become fully qualified.

15. Fav place to ride: I love our trails when the main line is running good, no place like home. But I also look foward to riding tracks in the South of France ever year on our road trip. It’s unbelievably good.

16.Fav people to ride with: The usual Hardcore Hobbies crew, we are all into trails and racing and laughing a lot. There’s plenty of banter and piss taking, but no fashion or bitching, it’s a different mentality to that. They aren’t just my riding buddies they are my best friends and I love em all.

17. headphones or no headphones: No headphones, just good buddies to chat with. Also cause I like to hear the whizz of my profile hub as I hit the landing and pump the bowl!

18.Fave Music: The kitchen radio is always on absolute 80’s and I love an 80’s night out. I like lots of othe stuff though, my tastes are pretty wide and varied.

19. other sports: Not really… I just like to be on my bike! Though as I said, I’d love to give snowboarding a go, and I also like to watch the AMA supercross on TV if that counts.

20. iphone, blackberry or android: I’ve never had any, I had an old nokia which had a great camera and video on it, I loved that but I dropped it down the bog on xmas eve…..oops. I’m gonna get that indestructible motorola next…

21. cats or dogs? I am allergic to both!

22. dream bike: I’ve got it, I’m lucky enough that I don’t want to change anything on my BMX, and BMX’s are best kept simple in my view so a dream BMX is more likely to become a reality.

Joey Gough from joeybmx on Vimeo.

23. Fav biking gear: my Vans whips, can’t beat a waffle sole.

24. Clipped in or Flats: Flats.. I mean obviously if it’s BMX racing clips are the way to go, but you can’t bust a flattie on them can you.

25. Shuttle or climb: I don’t have to do that riding trails… but lets say I was riding MTB, there’s no way I’m gonna ride to the top! I’d save my energy for the ride back down….

26. When did you start riding: I started racing BMX at 4, I didn’t get into riding MTB or trails till I was in my 20’s.

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