Muddbunnies Interviews Stephnie Teltscher


Nicknames: Stephnie Teltscher

Age: 26

Current Bike(s): 4cross YETI DJ and freeride CANONDALE PROPHET

Riding Style: i think racing style

Racing Highlights: all WorldCups in 2010 and 3rd place wtih BMX at the wolrdcampionships in 1993

Riding Highlights: Fort Williams GB (i love the trak)

Best biking day: It shoud be a sunny day and then we climb up to the mountin and ride a flow trail with friends and after that we go to a nice restuarant for eating 🙂

Discipline you want to try:  I would try dirt jumping because i rode bmx for 10 years and i don´t like cc and flatland.
Fav Female Rider: Sabrina Jonnier because she is a fighter, taff and friedly
Fav Male Rider: Steve Peat because “he is the hero” 🙂

Best Trick: winning :-)) i can very well the manual on the 4cross or the bmx trak

Biking taught you: Whether a thing is possible,You do not learn if you think about it, but if you try it out

Career: I work at an office and in all my freetime i go biking :-)))

Fav place to ride: My home trails in bavaria and austria

Fav people to ride with: My boyfiend (because he teaches me all the time) and some friends how to race too.

Headphones or no headphones: no headphones

Fav music: alternative and rock

Other sports: skiing and shopping 🙂

iphone, blackberry or android: iphone but i have an htc

Cats or dogs: hm… dogs. But i have a guinea pig and his name is Diego

Dream bike: Yeti DJ 🙂

Fav biking gear: IXS closes and protections, five ten shoes and adidas googles

Cipped in or flats? 4cross clipped and freeride flats

Shuttle or climb: at the most of the time we climb up to the trails but i will enjoy if we have somtimes a shuttle 🙂

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