Muddbunnies Introduces: Anne “Killer” Galyean

Meet Anne “Killer” Galyean. A smokin’ hot rider from down south.

  • Name – Anne Adelicia Galyean
  • Nicknames – Killer, Annabelle
  • Age – 24
  • Riding Since – Spring 2009
  • Current Bike(s) –Trek Session 88, Dorado, Elka Stage 5, Kovachi-built wheels, Profile Racing drivetrain, Hayes Stroker Aces, Answer components, Team – East Coast Gravity Pros/ Kovachi Wheels
  • Team Sponsors – Trek Bikes Atlanta, Kovachi Wheels, Hayes Bicycle Group, Profile Racing,
    Astral Gear, T.H.E. Industries, L.h. Thomson components, MRP chainguides, Specialized Tires, Elka Suspension, Progold Lubricants, Five.Ten Shoes
  • Riding Style – downhill
  • Racing Highlights – 2009 Snowshoe, WV Powerade Race Series I (1st Intro), II (1st Am.), III (1st Pro), 2009 Beech Mtn Triple Crown, NC II (1st Open Women),, III (1st Open Women)
    2010 Gravity East Series: Massanutten, VA 1st Cat 1 (would have been 1st Pro by 4 sec)
    Riding Highlights – Racing in the 2010 U.S. Open Pro Women’s class, after riding for 1 year. I was so nervous; I crashed all over the place! I learned so much watching the Pro riders on thecourse, and it really gave me something to work towards in my personal riding.
  • Describe your best biking day – a cool, fall weekend of shuttling with my boyfriend and our dog!

  • What discipline do you want to try? – Dirt Jumping. I’m currently saving up for a hard-tail/short travel to learn to get my flow on and learn finesse. My first season was on a 48lb beast of a bike, so I learned to monster truck my way down before I learned to be smooth.
  • Fav Female Rider and why? – Melissa Buhl. She is an intellectual academic as well as a Pro
    Downhill racer. She gives me hope that juggling both is possible!
  • Fav Male Rider and why? – My boyfriend, Drew, because rides for love of the sport and enjoys every run to its fullest, regardless of whether it is a race or a day of shuttling with friends. He is also the first to tell me to get my head out of it when I’m taking it too seriously.
  • Best Trick you perform – Tricks just slow you down. Kidding, but my best trick is making it down a run in one piece.
  • What has biking taught you? – To live life for myself and not to please others.
  • Career? Student? What are you studying? – I have a B.S. in Chemistry and am currently
    working towards a PhD at UNC Chapel Hill investigating the isolation, separation, and
    characterization of engineered nanomaterials as contaminants in drinking water. Ideally, I will someday work at an environmental engineering firm designing small-scale water treatment facilities.

  • Fav place to ride? – Snowshoe Mountain Bike Park, WV; Windrock, TN
  • Fav people to ride with? – Drew, and my fellow East Coast Gravity team members: Chuck,
    Greg, and Ethan
  • Headphones or no headphones when you ride? – no headphones
  • Favourite music? – Metalcore and bluegrass.
  • Other sports? – Water Polo. I play for the UNC Club Women’s Team as well as a local master’s team in my area.

  • iphone or Blackberry or Android? – Android!
  • Cats or Dogs? – Dogs
  • Dream Bike – I have it!
  • Favourite Biking Gear – 5.10 Shoes…. I have 3 pair: Karvers, Minaars, and my Desert Enforcers! Also a big fan of my T.H.E. Industries helmet that has been repainted with the molecular structure of adrenaline, and the periodic element of silver. Such a geek.
  • Clipped in or Flats? – Both: clips for rocks and pedally courses and flats for loose or
  • Shuttle or Climb? – Definitely shuttle.

Thanks Anne. We wish you a strong and injury-free race season.


One thought on “Muddbunnies Introduces: Anne “Killer” Galyean

  1. Wow – this chick is such an inspiration. Only riding a year and she is killing it! Loving that science nerds make the best bikers 😉 Good luck for both her studies and riding!

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