Muddbunnies Monday: Fade to Black by Michelle Dignon

Film by Michelle & John Dignon on Fade to Black in Whistler BC:

It’s hard enough to find time to ride these days…..let alone film and ride! My hubby really deserves the credit, as filming is a big sacrifice and not much riding happens! But it’s great to edit it together and we were so proud to share it with other bikers and friends at the North Shore Film Festival! Last year we got 3rd, this year we got 2nd, next year…….well, you know what we’ll be aiming for!!! (Hmmmm, I did promise him that I would get behind the camera a bit this year! Uh oh!)

I only started riding DH 3 years ago, when we moved to Canada. I was really scared at first (crying on pipeline! lol), but I love that about biking….you not only learn how to bike, you learn a lot of stuff about yourself! I love riding with my hubby, especially as I don’t slow him down too much now, but I also love riding with girls and ‘feeding off each other’ (Sio, that ones for you! lol). If this inspires even one girl to give something a go that she didn’t think she would do, it’s been worth it!

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2 thoughts on “Muddbunnies Monday: Fade to Black by Michelle Dignon

  1. I love this! Mic – you rock! This vid is gets better and better the more times that I watch it. Congrats! Stoked to ride Whistler at some point this summer!!!!

  2. Awesome! When I get back in the saddle (seat) can you teach me how you do those jumps?! Uh, I think I need to find the nerve or guts to do it first. Great Video!

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