Muddbunnies Monday: Specialized Lululemon Road Team

Specialized is proud to be part of the first-ever training camp for the new Team Specialized-lululemon in Carlsbad, CA. Team riders, coaches, sponsors, and media have been mixing it up together. New bikes and equipment are being fit to eager riders, combined with off-the-bike activities to keep things fresh.

While the training is definitely hard core, there’s been plenty of fun and team-building as well.

For these ambitious, talented athletes, the level of support and performance of their equipment is unprecedented. Swedish cycling superstar, Emila Fahlin, summed it up, “I am living my dream. I am Specialized.”

Dual-sport, multiple Olympic medal winner, CLARA HUGHES, has certainly seen this kind of thing before, but even she agrees this camp and team is different. “It’s a distinctly feminine vibe that gels so well with lululemon, and the devotion of Specialized, to make sure the women’s world of cycling is well-fueled. Every single person involved is truly excited about this team,” she said. “The energy is different here, though. All I can really say is it’s something magical. Yes, even after all these years, someone like me can feel like a kid again.”

For the last week, the team got to know each other and the new sponsors over yoga classes and rides. Athletes were also treated to BG FIT sessions to get them fully dialed-in on their new S-Works Amira SL4 and Shiv bikes.

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