Muddbunnies Monday: The Coolest Race You’ve Never Heard Of

Former world downhill champion Tracy Moseley is among ten pro riders (2 female!) set to compete in the third Trans-Provence, which started on Saturday September 24.

The seven-day race covers 300km and sees riders tackle 26 timed downhill sections from Gap in France to Monaco.

Moseley, who won the world title in Mont Sainte-Anne last year is joined by a fellow female competitor, Anka Martin, as well as Andreas Hestler, Ben Cruz, Fabien Barel, Jerome Clementz, Marc Beaumont, Mark Weir, Nico Vouilloz and Rowan Sorrell.

This one-of-a-kind Enduro stage race could just be the future of mountain biking following the ever-more popular Enduro format where descents are timed, but climbs are not.

Over the course of seven days riders will traverse through 300 kilometers of the Mediterranean Alps.  Most mornings start with shuttles from communal camps to the top of a downhill, where gates are set up at the top and bottom to capture individual riders’ times. Every bit of the 26 different descents comes on singletrack, and together they total some 50,000 feet of elevation drop. Thanks to the occasional shuttle, the climbing “only” amounts to about 30,000 feet, and while there are time cut-0ffs, they are reasonable, and the climbing sections are not timed.  Timed or untimed—the climbs are sure to take their toll on racer’s descending skills by the end of the week.

Check out the videos below!


Trans Provence Day 1 from Trans-Provence on Vimeo.

Trans Provence Day 2 from Trans-Provence on Vimeo.

Trans Provence Day 3 from Trans-Provence on Vimeo.

Trans Provence Day 4 from Trans-Provence on Vimeo.

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