Muddbunnies Monday: Video of the Week

Welcome to another Muddbunnies Monday: Video of the Week. I spent my last two days off riding my hardtail as much as possible. I hit up bike parks on the North Shore, Coquitlam and managed to squeeze some urban riding in on Saturday. I witnessed some kick ass female riders this weekends throwin down no-footers, xups and pulling off some serious, fat air! So in keeping with flow of it all this weeks (multiple) entry comes from Chile. Enter a country in South America occupying a long and narrow coastal strip wedged between the Andes mountains and the Pacific Ocean where we meet Camila Harambour, an 18 year old backflipping, drum banging, bmx rider who’s 3 videos have made Muddbunnies VOTW!




Nickname: Goddy
Location: Buenos Aires (Argentina) Chile
Type of Riding: street, dirt, ramp
Birthday: Sep 14, 1989 – 18yrs old
Trick list: gridns, 180 (both sides), 360, barspin, x-ups, lookdowns/backs, no hand, backflip. Always trying to improve them and do some more 🙂


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