“Lisa Howey Trials 2007” by Dr.Gee

This weeks video is a short trials vid of Muddbunnies own, Lisa Howey. You’ll remember her from her win at this years Trialsworx at Whistler Crankworx.



Sadly, Lisa left the west coast at the end of the summer to attend Ryerson in Toronto. Our humanitarian, vegan bunny is also looking for sponsors for her trip to Guatelmala with Habitat for Humanity.
Please take a moment and read the following:

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to update you on my upcoming endeavor and invite you to get involved too!

During our spring break at Ryerson University, from February 15-24, 2008, me and 11 other Ryerson students, plus a documentary crew will be partnering with Habitat for Humanity and going to Guatemala to help the people there build 2 houses. The people there have experienced floods and earthquakes that have left many people homeless, so we are very grateful to have an opportunity to help them in some way. Our group of 8 (the others are the organizers) was chosen out of 60 applicants to go on this trip to Guatemala, so weʼre all feeling really honored and excited.

One of our major fundraising events will be a Tread-a-thon at the Ryerson Athletic Centre on November 11, 2007. We will have a chance to collect pledges in accordance to how many hours we tread water. I am aiming for two hours of treading water, but there is a chance Iʼll go beyond that if someone challenges me! This is symbolic of the conditions that Guatemala population undergoes. Due to heavy rainfall, many residential areas are flooded. In order to survive, many people have no choice but to tread water for hours while holding their belongings over their heads. This fundraiser will help facilitate awareness along with a physical challenge.

Eileen Jerrett, founder of Wilma’s Wish Productions and a 4th-year Film student, will be bringing her crew to shoot a documentary for Habitat for Humanity and Ryerson University. This documentary will reveal the different transitions and reactions that ASB members undergo in a short period of time.

This will be the first ever Alternative Spring Break trip that Ryerson has done, so weʼre hoping that this will open up more opportunities created by students for volunteering around the campus, the city and the world.

Please, let me know if you want to sponsor me for the tread-a-thon, it can be by the minute or by the hour. Tax receipts are given for donations. Also, anyone else you know who might be interested in supporting us, or you have any fundraising ideas, let me know! In addition, if you want to volunteer for the fundraisers you can be a part of the documentary!

Lisa Howey

For more information and to donate contact:


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