I had the immense pleasure of meeting Joanna this summer at Crankworx. Not only can ride better than most I’ve seen, but she’s got on hell of an outlook on life. Hangin’ at the top of the podium with the best of the female rippers is where you’ll find Joanna. I was lucky enough to receive on of her Crankworx medals and I’m not rafflin’ it off! It’s mine muaahhaahha..ahem. I digress. Anyhow, check out this video of her shreddin’ on Whistler. And for more info check out her bio at the bottom provided by Brodie Bikes.


Age: 27
Resides: Hawaii
Skills: Mountain Cross, DH, DS, DJ, XC, ST, Road, TT
Ride: Brodie Devo/Dissident/Holeshot/Rodie/ClimbMax

Place I wish I grew up: I already grew up there

Favorite place to ride: Wherever I can

Favorite place to race: Wherever there’s a start gate

Place you want to ride, but haven’t made it yet: France

Who are your biking influences?: Missy Giove

Favorite person to ride with: Lisa Myklak

Person you’d want to ride with, but haven’t: Fabien Barel

People you’d rather kick their butt than ride with: Everyone and anyone!

How’d you first get into biking?: I got my first bike when I was three. It folded in half and I loved it!

Why’d you first get into racing?: Left college in HI and moved to Colorado in 1999. Entered my first race in 2000 at the MSC in Angel Fire riding a Trek VRX 300. Despite the bike I won and I was addicted.

How long have you ridden for?: 6 years

What’s your best result?: NORBA Series Champion. A couple NORBA and MSC wins.

Describe your style: Grinning madly or growling loudly. Some people tell me I look like a guy when I ride. I take that as a compliment.

What did you want to be when you grew up?: Everything

What do you wish you were now?: A bazzillionaire so I can buy my dad his farm and the World Champion of course

What other sports did you do?: Soccer, I was okay in high school and was the all-state goalie my senior year; snowboard for fun; surf to relax; and just about anything else.

What’s in the mp3?: Mostly Techno for racing.

What’s on tv?: Jeep King of the Mountain on CBS

What’s the favorite in the dvd pile?: Earthed Series

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite bevy: Redbull

If you could teach a kid one thing, what would it be?: Believe in yourself.


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