Muddbunnies Monday: WestCoast Stylin’

You’ve all heard of the famous or infamous “west coast bail”, the technique created and mastered by us West Coast biking locals. This little gem of a “go to” move for bikers involves said biker hopping off of her bike when in danger or when lacking commitment on a structure or a precocious rocky/rooty decent. An example, as shown in the first West Coast Style is shown here:

So this leads us to today’s Muddbunnies Mondaywhich gives us a teaser of WestCoast Style: Freeride Fundamentals. I can’t tell you how many women I’ve recommended this movie to, Muddbunnies Riding Club members and random women who’ve come into the shop. Elladee Brown, Joan Jones and Damien Skelton have assembled an incredible instructional video for those just starting out Mountain Biking and for those more experienced riders who want to push themselves to the next level. Have a look here and be sure to pick yourself up a copy from your local bike shop.

Muddbunnies Note:Watch for the upcoming “Founding Sisters of Freeride” series which features interviews with those women like Elladee Brown who have helped create and advance the sport of mountain biking.


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