Muddbunnies Product Review: Dakine Covert Gloves/Fox Reflex Gel


Gloves are a staple item in mountain biking, especially on the trails here in BC. Gloves provide safety protection from slapping branches, knuckle-scrapring trees, wind and rain and of course those sniper shootings on our bike when our of nowhere we crash to the ground.

Gloves are also fashion and more and more the sport of mountain biking is resembling snowboarding, motocross and every other rockstar sport where our goggles match the colour of our spokes. Come on, you know who you are. I’m guilty of having the same moment, “do these gloves look better with these pants and this outfit?”

Our ideal is that we get the best of both worlds: fashion and function. Here are two gloves that aim to do just that. We tested these gloves on local trails in rain, wind and unusual for the area at this time of year, sun!
The Dakine Covert Glove:

Dakine Covert Glove - Future Graphics


  • Silicon Gripper Finger Tips
  • Performance Articulation
  • Neoprene Knuckle Flex Pads
  • Palm Padding
  • Low Profile Wrist Closure


  • Corded Nylon Flextoughâ„¢ panels
  • Breathable Nylon mesh panels
  • Clarino® synthetic suede palm material
  • Terrycloth thumb panels

What shines about this glove are the aesthetics. It is a dead, sexy addition to any mountain bikers wardrobe.  However, I must note that so much white in a glove makes it a more appealing summer glove. Every woman I showed the white glove to had the same response, “well that white sure won’t stay white for long”.  It seems us women care less about our rockstar image and more about the practical aspects of our technical gear. Who knew?!

We found this glove quite warm for the climb up, (even with the mesh panels) and we agreed it would be a great fall/winter addition.

Fit was average for a women’s glove and we’d prefer better articulation through the finger joints and a more snug fit at the wrist and palm.  When wet, we found the glove to be a bit sloppy in fit.

I would prefer more padding in the palm area but perhaps that is personal preferance. Though the suede did give much hand protection, it would prove for a more comfortable ride with more reinforcement, particularly at the bottom of the palm area.

The soft, terry cloth thumb proves for wiping more than sweat on any cool autumn ride. Sniff, sniff.  And the tacky, rubber accents on the tips of the index and middle finger were a nice touch for gripping the brake levers.

Muddbunnies Final Score: 3.5 Bunnies

  • Style: 5 out of 5 Bunnies
  • Comfort & Fit: 3 out of 5 Bunnies
  • Performance: 3 out of 5 Bunnies
  • Protection: 4 out of 5 Bunnies

Summary: A sexy glove best suited for dry, fall conditions or spring/summer/fall at the bike park.


The Fox Reflex Gel Glove:

Fox Reflex Gel Glove


  • Lightweight riding glove with lycra mesh back
  • Articulated Fingers for maximum comfort and fit
  • Perforated Clarino palm for high breathability
  • Gel pads on palm
  • Soft Terry Thumb
  • Rubber/Velcro Wrist Closure


  • Synthetic Leather/ Nylon / Cotton/ Gel Foam
  • Perforated Clarino® synthetic suede palm
  • Terry Cloth Thumb Panel


Here we go with another white glove ladies. Yes, perhaps best reserved for the summer during those epic all-mountain rides. Although this glove also comes in a more practical grey, I found myself loving the white and green, (it matched my shorts).

We found this glove to be incredibly light-weight and breathed like the company promised it would. Ideal for summer, spring and those dry fall days.  As the weather has been so mild, (not below 9C degrees) I am uncertain on its performance on a cold, winter day.

Fit was incredible! I have never, in all of my years riding, found a more comfortable glove that fit, well you know how the saying goes. Finally, a womens love that properly hugged your digits and palm! Even during wet rides it maintained fit and comfort.

The gel padding on  the upper and lower palm are a welcome addition to any glove! I’ve been riding with this glove for months and can say that the gel has maintined its quality, not moving around or out of place from when I first put it on.

The terry cloth, (though not as soft as the Decline Covert material) was a larger sized panel which meant for a longer, softer wipe. There’s nothing worse than going from a soft, terry cloth panel to a harsh nylon. Ouch!

The Reflex Gel glove also offered rubber accents on the finger tips though not as prominent as the Dakine Covert glove. In previous years, this rubber has quickly peeled off and I’m happy to report better results for the 2010 Fox Reflex Gel glove; 4 months in and the rubber is still intact!

Muddbunnies Score: 5 Bunnies!

  • Style: 5 out of 5 Bunnies
  • Comfort & Fit: 5 out of 5 Bunnies
  • Performance: 5 out of 5 Bunnies
  • Protection: 5 out of 5 Bunnies

The summary: A great All-Mountain glove that holds up throughout the seasons!


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