Muddbunnies Review: The Dakine Cypress Flannel Shirt

The Cypress Flannel shirt is made from 170 gram, 100% woven quick dry polyester, has snap buttons and is made to ride and hang out in. At $75 Canadian retail, it’s a riding staple steal.

Dakine Shirt MannequinProduct you are testing: Dakine Cypress Flannel Tech Shirt aka my new favorite shirt (will be known as MNFS from here on out)

Size of product: M

How long you have been riding the product: 5 months

During what style of rides do you wear it on?

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) this shirt is so stylish, being a button-up collared shirt in a flattering shade of blue, that I don’t only wear it riding. To be honest I love it so much that I don’t like to wear it riding unless there is zero chance of mud (note to self: must get a 2nd shirt so I can wear it riding), which was the case during the majority of the testing period so MNFS has been worn out on the trails plenty!  MNFS has been with me in the pack during the climb for something warm to put on for the decent. I’ve especially enjoyed having it during the night rides that are becoming more frequent these days. It’s pretty awesome to have a super soft, flannel shirt to throw on as I’m starting to cool off at the top of a climb. And I say throw on because it is a button up, therefore no removal of your helmet necessary! Big plus. The colour is also so amazing that I love putting it on while out in the dark – its like a bit of light in the blackness. Yes, I enjoy rainbows and unicorns as well.

MNFS has also become my at home lounge wear. Basically I require 3 of these so I can wear them in all aspects of my life.


How do you compare the product to the competitors (and which competitors):

MNFS us unlike anything that I’ve used or seen for riding specific gear. It has the feel of flannel (but is made out of 170 gram, 100% Woven quick dry polyester), a plaid design and is topped-off with pearl snap buttons. Not exactly your typical jersey. But that is the function of it – to act as a warm jersey.  So that will be my comparison – a warm layer. In comparison the bright colour, pearl snaps (so pretty…and fun), collar and general fit of the shirt make it a very stylish and complimentary garment. Easily surpassing any of my warm layers as far as fashion goes. That said I am thinking of this as a warm layer – something like a heavier wool crew or hoodie, not a typical light jersey.

As far as functionality goes, its breathable, has kept me warm and washes up great.  I am absolutely not precious with my laundry, machine washing and drying everything. After literally dozens of washes MNFS has only shown the smallest signs of use and looks the same as it did getting stuffed in my pack for the first time.

Word on the street (popular/not popular):

I get compliments every time I wear this shirt. Every.single.time. No joke. This shirt means business. It is available for purchase as of March 2013. Don’t be surprised when you are walking around in a sea of blue flannel Dakine shirts this spring.

General Ride characteristics/fit:

I’m 5’7”, 140 Lbs and I’m wearing a women’s medium.  The fit is feminine but still fits layers underneath and though I haven’t tried it, there is plenty of room for elbow armour as well.  I could go to a smaller size but I like the slightly roomy-ness of MNFS. The arms are plenty long which is a problem I always face and the length covers any butt-crack that may escape while hunched over the handle bars.
Graphics: Blue plaid

Shape/Profile: Feminine/flattering

Durability: So far so good.  It’s been worn on a dozen plus rides and every single day since September whether it’s out for dinner/drinks or chillin’ around the house. As for how it holds up to cleaning – see my above comments regarding my laundry prowess.

Retail Cost: $75 Canadian

Your thoughts on improving the product (Pros/Cons): More colours!





Words and photos by Crystal Lambert

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